A small correction to overall very good article: the origins of the Russian phrase are not "obscure", as the Wikipedia article explains. It originated from Lenin - the earliest form was "control and accountability are the base of trust" in one of his articles. If anything, it expressed levels of paranoia and lack of trust unimaginable in any Western society, which plague all Eastern Europe till today.

@kravietz @dajbelshaw It comes from "Fide sed vide" (lat.), way before Lenin. In modern times, it was later heavily overused by Reagan during meetings with Gorbi. So it made its way back to the West thru Reagan's quotes, as "trust, but verify". It has nothing to do with East vs West, rather common sense vs gullibuility.

@themactep @dajbelshaw

In case of Lenin that was truly obsession of "control and accounting", where all levels of socialist society mutually control each other. First described in "How to organize competition" (1917) marxists.org/archive/lenin/wor That was an interesting twist in many aspects, as he opposed "capitalist competition" to "socialist emulation" which was expected to be voluntary, but in the Soviet reality it was anything but that.

@kravietz @dajbelshaw ahem. you're trying to lecture someone who was born and has spent a significant part of his life in the soviet union about the true nature of the soviets. let me stop you right there before you embarrassed yourself. life is not a marvel universe, things are more complex than what you make them look. ideas behind socialist emulation (соцсоревнование) is pretty much what drives projects forward today.

@dajbelshaw @kravietz Doug, sorry for hijacking the thread. I won't do it again. Peace.

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You're talking to someone with identical life experiences, who also saw the whole demise and demoralisation of the Soviet ideology from inside, to the extent when became an empty shell, full of hypocrisy and instrument of enslavement.

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Comparing FOSS to Soviet system is quite ridiculous - the former is based on openness, transparency, freedom and voluntary attendance.

We in the Eastern Bloc couldn't even freely leave our country, had no freedom of speech (other than in your own kitchen, and then you had to be careful who's listening), jobs were assigned, you had to register wherever you stayed, everything including topographic maps or news about accidents or protests was secret and censored.


Q: What PoS systems are secure enough to run the global money system?

Despite the high energy costs, the #bitcoin network still uses less energy than devices currently left on 'stand by' in the United States alone. Much of the energy consumption debate is surrounded in hyperbole. In the meantime how much energy does AWS consume?

Maybe too many bullshit jobs exist due to all the bullshit money?

@jamie @dajbelshaw I guess time will tell on that one. Bitcoin does seem to be getting rather popular, especially with the billionaires.

@matthewsmyth @jamie The person pointing out the problems does not have to be the person pointing to the solutions.

@matthewsmyth @jamie I long ago learned that I don't have to respond to every question that arises from stuff I've written 😉

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