Seven years ago we moved into our current home, expecting to be here six months. We were renting after a move to a Mediterranean island fell through.

Seven years later, we're still here having bought and extended the place. Funny how life turns out, especially as we wouldn't even have considered this place had we been initially looking to buy.

@dajbelshaw Lately I've been thinking a lot about the John Lennon lyric, "Life is what happens when you're busy making other plans." I never would have guessed I'd end up where I am today...

@fgraver @dajbelshaw

I spent my whole life in the capital city and could never ever imagine to live anywhere else. After 55 years with this believe we moved to a small country village and enjoy the much better quality of life.

@fredl99 @dajbelshaw I hear you! I left Toronto (pop. 5.5 million) in 2006 for the town of Kristiansund (pop. 17 000) on the wind-swept Norwegian west coast in 2006.

Now I live somewhere even smaller, near the mountains surrounded by forests and fields...

I've gone from urban racoons stealing the garbage to deer and moose stealing the apples.

Me+wife: Vienna (~2M) to ~500 now.
Hills, wood, fields all around. One grocer, one MD, no shops, malls, parking lots, almost no traffic. But goats, sheeps, cows, horses, alpaccas, chicken, foxes, goose, and so much more we missed our whole life.
Isn't it great?!


@fredl99 @fgraver I've only ever lived in a city when I was at university, and soon moved back to small town life. It's the best.

@dajbelshaw @fredl99 @fgraver Yeah, I had my fill of metropolitan life in the time I was in the army and when I was studying, I'm not a person that is made for cities.

I was born and raised there, so it wasn't my fault to think it can't be any better.
Fortunately it's never too late to become wiser.
It's a new experience to drive 10km to collect daily needs instead of just crossing the street at almost any time you want. You learn to plan in advance. But what a difference when the shopping tour is the only
stress situation for some time and you return to absolutely peaceful silence.

@dajbelshaw @fgraver


I moved away form the outskirts of vienna as recent as december, but to a much bigger village than yours, we have 600 people here ;-)

But the rest is the same, hills, vinyards and much calmer.

Couldn't really image it at first, but by now I love it here.

Especially since not having takeout at every corner, cooking re-entered out lifes and it is a very nice thing to prepare dinner together every day

@sotolf @dajbelshaw @fgraver

@thewk @fredl99 @sotolf @dajbelshaw

No vineyards around here, but otherwise it feels very familiar. I sometimes miss movie theatres, resaturants, art galleries and museums, and the like, but wouldn't trade living in the country for those.

I loved cities when I was younger, but perhaps only because I didn't know any better.

@fgraver @thewk @fredl99 @dajbelshaw happy to see you're enjoying living in Norway, I would think it was quite a change, I just remember everything being so big when I was in Canada, and all the food being sweet :p

@sotolf @fgraver @thewk
A bunch of nomads/refugees around here 😄
The ultimate sign to have chosen the perfect instance for me.
Thanks @dajbelshaw to bring up this topic! 👍

Young people may need or at least enjoy the activity and rush of big cities. Once the focus has shifted to living the own life all these things turn into distractions. Then at least I learned to appreciate nature.

@basil Gozo. We literally just had to sign the rental agreement and ship the stuff, but Mozilla shafted me (said I'd have to be a contractor instead of employee)

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