Having the kind of geeky afternoon I used to have before we had kids. Prepared some unused bits and pieces of hardware to sell on eBay, and getting my home server knocked back into shape.

@dajbelshaw haha! In good news. Every day is a day closer to your kids flying the nest and a return to your days of geekdom. 🙂

For what do you sue your home server? I’ve never run anything ‘in-house,’ always worried about downtime so opt for VPS instead.

@rw I haven't used it for a couple of years at all, mainly because I only ever got the RAID working on Windows 10 (which I hate).

It's an HP ProLiant Microserver which I've had for a fair few years now. I should just buy a NAS and be done with it, but I've been playing with Ubuntu.

I'm too old to do sysadmin-type stuff. I've got better things to do with my time (like playing PS4 😜)

@dajbelshaw haha! True that! I love to use my own platform (including managed hosting) than a ‘service,’ but the admin work that goes with it needs to be a simple wizard as I am also getting too long in the tooth to be faffing with server setup.

And yes, take the NAS route when you can. 😉

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