Next time, I should imagine, the 'protestors' will be more heavily-armed and actually have a plan.

America really needs to sort out it's fascism problem before someone competent takes charge of the mob.

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@dajbelshaw Yeah, this is very true. But first they’ll need to get over their collective «this isn’t who we are» syndrome...

@dajbelshaw A bunch of old people standing around with flags is hardly a coup or a riot. This was much ado about nothing.

@Tay0 Leaving pipe-bombs in lawmakers' offices is not "much ado about nothing".

@dajbelshaw So far none of that has been substantiated as far as I can tell. Suspicious package != pipe bomb. The story is being oversensationalized.

@Tay0 May I suggest you're an enabler and sympathiser. Given your previous replies to me, don't bother in future, ta 👍

@dajbelshaw But you're right about next time they might be armed. A coup would take place at the white house, not the Congress. We are a deeply divided country. Also labelling people with extremes like nazi or racist when they clearly aren't ins't helping.

@dajbelshaw Right. One might think of this as America's Beer Hall Putsch moment. We know what can follow.


"[T]he putsch brought the Nazi Party to national attention in Germany. The deaths of the 16 party members were also a propaganda victory for the Nazis. The men became martyrs, remembered in the foreword to “Mein Kampf” and entombed in two “temples of honor” in downtown Munich. Hitler held an elaborate march every year on the anniversary of the putsch, retracing the route from the Bürgerbräukeller to the spot where the shots had been fired in 1923."


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@dajbelshaw @Downes Some key diffs tho:
Trump was already in charge, and technically commander of the armed forces including the national guard. He had power of command over the whole country's executive branch, and an ability to get his narrative out that Hitler never had. Even his followers coulda brought their much-touted firearms.
For a coup attempt, he had _every advantage possible_.
And he completely fucked it up, a whimper rather than a bang.

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@dajbelshaw @Downes
My take is different and more optimistic, that his failed attempt will cut him off from his only allies with useful power in a coup:
..but I will grant you, that US got super lucky that it was a miserably incompetent schoolyard bully that tried this.
With everything he had at his fingertips, it could have been pulled off much, much more competently. It could have turned out the other way.

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@cathal Right, but if he hands the baton to a younger, more organised fascist, and they march every year on January the sixth.

History doesn't repeat itself, but it does echo.


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