This is cool:

"For a modern smartphone to be sustainable, at the very minimum it has to get security updates and it needs to be possible to change the inevitably failing battery. This site is designed to help with finding those phones: Phones that are supported by an alternative Android distribution are listed together with guides for changing the battery."

I didn't know about this site and spent few hours filtering the phones that has Lineage OS 17.1 support.
Anyway, I decided on OnePlus phones for their affordability, OLED display and support. And finally purchased OnePlus 6 for 250$ about 2 weeks ago.
After started using OnePlus 6, which I named "Monolith", I noticed how slow Xioami Note 4 (Andromeda) got.

didn't make the list. Credibility blown in my book but I was thinking it would be mostly older phones. There are many phones from 2016 and years earlier. Quite a few were 2018-9. That's refreshing because it seems like most of the industry has gone to soldered in batteries. I was also surprised to see so many xiaomi and zte phones that are off the table for me because they phone home.

@Tay0 @dajbelshaw It's automated from the iFixIt database, which probably doesn't have much about Pinephones (because the info's too obvious).

That site suggests using an custom ROM anyway, so them phoning home doesn't applys anyway. And the Xiaomi phones offen have a suite active custom rom community.

@dajbelshaw The amount of recent devices with swappable battery is very concerning.

@dajbelshaw Great site, but is there a way to contact someone, correct data? Fairphone 3 is shown to support only up to Lineage 16, while on LOS site it says 17.1.

@ManniCalavera I guess it's pulling info from somewhere, but I'm not affiliated with the site.

@dajbelshaw I find this site quite misleading: They say they help finding phones that get security updates, but list phones from 2014? I find it dangerous implying that all you need is an up-to-date custom ROM. There are most certainly proprietary parts that are vulnerable and not being updated any more.

@dajbelshaw What is missing for me on that side is the date until which the manufacturer guarantees security updates.

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