“more democratic and participatory workshops” for me is based on Open Source and so I wonder about why my customer and favourite german newspaper have their logo at the page bottom of wonder.

@sl007 I share your desire for a FOSS stack, but I'm just pleased that I get to do things like this without the coercive power relationships inherent in Zoom rooms 👍

I see. I like the design and much thought about isometric rooms (which is nearly the perspective on the photo) where strict 2/1 math allows for easy "moving around" –
but basically I want an isometric point and click ActivityPub Adeventure Game ;)
Did you try hubs.mozilla.com ?

@dajbelshaw We've been using remo.co for online conferences at Moodle and it's nice :) I've also heard some people recommending airmeet.com

And yes, no FOSS solution yet (that I know of), but it's nice to start seeing more solutions! Missing out on this kind of interactions was one of the qualms I had with online conferences :).

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