Today is International Men's Day. The snarky side of me would say "just like every other day" but after listening to this podcast series, it's worth pointing out just how harmful the patriarchy is to everyone - men included:

Also, we don't talk enough as men about mental health, which leads to huge suicide rates for people in my age bracket. I'm here for anyone in my network having a hard time who doesn't have anyone close to them they can talk to.

@dajbelshaw one thing a lot of people overlook is that it's not called "toxic masculinity" because it's bad for women, it's called that because of what it does to men.

Mental health is for sure the biggest conversation we need to have, but there's all sorts of stuff going on too. Like how afraid we are of being called gay.

When's the last time you hugged another man without offsetting the potential "gayness" with some hypermasculine BS like pounding his back hard enough to break a rib?

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