Just talked my sister out of buying my nephew an entry-level gaming PC and into getting him a PS5.

Was not expecting to do that, but context is everything.

@dajbelshaw when it turns out he wanted the PC for a very specific game, he's gonna come for you in the night. ;)

@basil Well, that's the thing. He's 10 years old and "wants to be a streamer" but plays like Rocket League, Minecraft, etc.

@dajbelshaw I remember when my Mum could finally afford to get me a PlayStation 1.
I gave her a wishlist of 10 games for her to select a couple from.

The little shite of a shop assistant sold her 3 of the shittest games ever made instead. Assume they were titles that nobody else would buy.

It was a real challenge of feigning gratitude for 14 year old me, opening those games. Smiling whilst planning my cold revenge on the staff of Electronics Boutique.

@basil Bastards. I'm still a bit sad about Game in Eldon Square shutting down.

I have fond memories of copying games and getting my mum to take them back.

@dajbelshaw @basil oh man, it's awesome of how much it changed since only ten years ago. When I was his age my shitty computer would only play Blue screen of Death and occasionally FIFA07.

@dajbelshaw You can get a pretty good PC for 800 bucks, which is less than what you would pay for a PS5 if you count the surcharges due to playstation online and the overpriced games.

A playstation is only a consumption device, whereas a PC can also do productive things...

So it's hard for me to understand your position, which is why I'm interested in hearing the reasoning that brought you to it.

@Matter Well, I didn't go into the conversation thinking that, but:

1. My nephew is 10 years old and PlayStations have easy parental controls

2. My sister is not rich, and gaming PCs can be a money pit

3. There's no-one around to help him should things go wrong with the PC (they don't live locally)

@dajbelshaw Hmm yeah I can see that. I don't think I agree with it, but 1 and 3 are pretty valid reasons to go for a console. (I think a PC is cheaper overall since you don't have to pay 50 bucks per year to have the privilege of playing online, and game prices tend to be much lower and have sales)

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