I think Twitter's ridiculous disappearing tweets thing means it's finally jumped the shark. Can't see much value in having an account ('verified' or otherwise) there any more 🙄

@dajbelshaw jumped the shark how? ephemeral posts are what the people want. it's why IG Stories, Snapchat, Tiktok, etc are so popular.

@feld I think I agree with Alex Hern:

"Twitter is a fundamentally different product from Instagram or Snapchat. Unlike Instagram, its primary use-case is emphatically in-the-moment, even for users who haven’t turned off the company’s algorithmic timeline... a Twitter profile page is a chaotic mess of posts that make little sense outside the context in which they were sent."

@kiri It's just copying stuff from networks which work completely differently.

@dajbelshaw Oh I see, sorta like "hey, look, we have that too!"

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