Seriously tempted to nuke everything and hand-build a single website in shitty HTML. Kind of like Stallman's political thoughts but with less creepiness ☢️

@dajbelshaw Maybe you can get away with something as simple as `staticninja` so you can get nice template, but really hand-build most of it.

@dajbelshaw doesn't need to be S***ty (or Creepy) can be lovely - I did one recent and it was liberating

"just a hobby, won't be big and professional like #gnu' for IBM PC '386(486) AT clones.' #LoveLinux

@dajbelshaw Still have the source for a site I built on the... Amiga. Perhaps everything (very) old is new again?

@dajbelshaw Digging the pointy toed skull buckle boots and black jeans out of the closet now. The boots have holes and the jeans barely fit. So... nothing has changed :-).

@dajbelshaw I felt the same after three and a bit years of Wordpress so have a shadow blog at built with g-cows.

@ksuresh Well, I've got about 15 years of a love/hate relationship with WordPress! Love the shadow blog idea 👍

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