I admit to being a software rather than a hardware person, and being more high-level at that, so maybe there's a technological reason for it but: WHY can we not just take a whole buttload of Pi Zero W based devices (N-O-D-E nano server style) running a mesh network, plug them in all over Philadelphia, and solve [some of] the connectivity problems in low-income neighborhoods?

(This train of thought started with "Ooh Pi 400! Affordable computer!" but then thinking that's not the real issue.)

@gamehawk Red tape.

Regulations and local ordinances make this difficult to do legally and all sorts of ISP-style rules come into play.

If you can get the city council to agree with you, then the work can be started in earnest, but then *someone* has to maintain it all.


@nathand @gamehawk Entirely possible, but depends on regulatory structure...

e.g. atlasofthefuture.org/mesh-netw

(when I was Director of E-Learning at a state-fundee Academy with 3,000 students in a relatively deprived area, we couldn't do this because it 'competed' with BT)

@dajbelshaw @nathand Yeah, if Comcast can shut it down I'm sure it would.

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