Went on my smart scales this morning expecting absolute carnage.

But actually, although overall my physical shape isn't as good as before the pandemic, my muscle mass is still 'good' and my body age is the same as my actual age 😅

Those "smart" scales are interesting.
If you stand on them dehydrated (or hungover) your body age will go up. If you're well hydrated (drink a pint of water with/out hydrating electrolytes an hour before) & your body age will go down!

@Horizon_Innovations Perhaps with other ones, but I'd just been for a run, so I was pretty dehydrated (and it told me so!)

@Horizon_Innovations Xiaomi Mi Fit, not sure if there's multiple versions, as it was the only one they made when I bought it about a year ago!

I used to test & repair the Omron range. If it works the same way, it measures the body resistance/impedance over various low voltages & frequencies.

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