Unexpected gaming is the best gaming. Just had a meeting cancelled so I can get in at least one game of FIFA ⚽

@dajbelshaw have you upgraded to 21? I'm still on 19 and like playing career mode. Hoping there might be some nice updates to that mode in 21 (and see Alphonso Davies with a rating better than 72 like he has in 19)

@clintlalonde I'm playing FIFA 20, but will be buying the new version on Black Friday 😉

I know what you mean about Davies - I'm usually Bayern Munich in Seasons and he's the only fullback that gets near Mbappe for pace!

@dajbelshaw I definitley need to upgrade. Davies is still in the MLS with the Vancouver Whitecaps in 2019. It kills me everytime I include him on the Canada roster for internationals and see him rated so low & moving slow when I know he can decimate CONCACAF defenders irl.

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