@dajbelshaw that is so scary that one, unelected, person can hold so much power!

What does that say about the state of society that we allow this?!

@lps It really is incredible to me. I feel like society is a slow-boiled frog at this point.

My neighbor, elected city Green party, has been begging me to write down all the FB rant to lay in front of her colleagues to discourage them from running city gov on FB. I shy away because it would become a book and I've got 3 other books to write before I can commit to one damning FB :/ Someone else has done it already, no? So why aren't more people more damning (as in anti-everything-facebook like we are) of FB destroying civil discourse!?

@epilepticrabbit I guess for the same reason that people who use Apple computers aren't very critical of Apple's environmental record, or people who wear Nike shoes aren't critical of Nike's sweatshops.

For better or worse, Facebook is societal infrastructure at this point. So while we all warned people it would get to this stage, I take no pleasure in saying "I told you so" to people.

I honestly don't know what to do. The ad-funded social networks make eye-watering amounts of money (1/2)

@epilepticrabbit This amount of money, as @pluralistic has pointed out, means that they've effectively bought politicians, who have dismantled anti-trust and anti-monopoly regulations in the US and Europe.

So if there are any startups who threaten Facebook, Twitter, etc. they just buy them, or use underhand techniques to run them out of town.

We're royally screwed. We really are.

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