I used to use Slideshare regularly to, well, share my slides from presentations.

For others who did likewise, you might want to check this out:

@dajbelshaw thanks for sharing!
I was not aware that #LinkedIn had automatically created a #SlideShare account for me, so I immediately went to close my account:
"Your account is deleted

Please note that it takes about 24 hours for your content to stop showing up on the SlideShare search pages and it will take 2-3 days for it to be completely removed from Google Search (we have no control over that).

We are sad to see you go. Hope to see you again."

Now to fix the data share settings!

@dajbelshaw actually, looking at my #LinkedIn activity log ( I actually didn't have an account yet (?) till I tried to sign in to SlideShare via LinkedIn:
"September 8, 2020
You started sharing your LinkedIn data with a permitted application
You authorized SlideShare to use your LinkedIn data according to their privacy policy. You can always manage which applications can access your data."
I guess I should've checked that first... didn't expect signin to autocreate too

@FiXato Yeah, so my Slideshare account linked to my LinkedIn account is different to my original Slideshare account.

For the latter, I had 86 presentations on there, which you have to download by clicking on each link individually in a CSV file they generate 🙄

@dajbelshaw kinda weird to read about gdpr complaints from a website serving my request data to GA, FB, IG and alike on first visit without further notice (and missing imprint), huh? 🤔

@dajbelshaw @bekopharm also slideshare will merge with scribd as of the 24th. Scribd has always been a data vulture. Hence I"m in the process of pulling out of both, towards self hosting.

@ton @dajbelshaw @bekopharm have you found a way to mass download your presentations from Slideshare? Also, a way to show them as embeds in web pages?

@Downes @ton @bekopharm No, I had to click on all 83 individually via the downloaded CSV file! I then uploaded them to Google Drive.

@Downes @dajbelshaw @bekopharm i think it should be possible to download the provided url list from slideshare with curl from the command line , but haven't tried to find the right options for it yet.

@dajbelshaw @Downes @bekopharm So I wrote a script to curl the download links from the command line.....only to realise that those download links Slideshare provide are not to the files but to a downloading interface, which then prompts you to download a PPT file. This makes it impossible to download them with a script, and also gives me the wrong fileformat (I don't use ppt at all, and want to download PDFs which is the default if you click download on a slideshare normally)

@dajbelshaw @Downes @bekopharm So it seems it will be easier just to click download on all the slideshares in my account and not use the download links at all.

@dajbelshaw @Downes @bekopharm it is rather odd that a 'data export' feature turns out to be worse than the actual web interface 🤷‍♂️

@Downes @dajbelshaw @bekopharm finding a viewer is the key issue indeed. Or rely on the browser capabilitirs site visitors use. I am thinking maybe transform all slides into html5 or svgs can be a way, then embedding is just more html

@Downes @dajbelshaw @bekopharm w.r.t. embedding, @metbril pointed me to which seems to be a WordPress plugin , currently in beta. And there's speakerdeck, a service similar to slideshare by the looks of it.

@ton I'm so wary of "services" by now :( Either it was an awesome journey tomorrow or it will become just like the service it replaced.

So think twice before flocking to the next big thing and yes as a golden rule see how a takeout can be done before committing to it.

For me it's self-hosted/syndicated or gtfo because I'm too tired of migrating everything again in just a few months/years :-)

WP plugin may be a way for WP users [like me].

@Downes @dajbelshaw @metbril

@bekopharm @Downes @dajbelshaw @metbril same here, definitely. Slideshare I used for 13 yrs. In that time the landscape w.r.t. data greed has changed quite a bit (I started using Slideshare at the same time FB first became available outside US universities / internationally).

@ton @bekopharm @dajbelshaw @metbril OK, here';s a different question: what do you think it would take to *build* a slide embedding service? Not WordPress - lots of people don't use WordPress. Just something that took in slides and made the embed available, that they could host in the cloud or on their own server somewhere.

@Downes @ton @bekopharm @metbril There used to be a service called which allowed you to create embed codes from any uploaded content. You could then put that anywhere.

That kind of thing?

@dajbelshaw @ton @bekopharm @metbril

Maybe, but I can't fdind it to comment definitively.

I'm just looking for software scripts that would (say) ingest a PowerPoint (or PDF, maybe harder) and produce a set of images that could be displayed in a sequence in an iframe.

If this code existed, it could be wrapped with a script that handles the uploads and maybe saves the data locally on on S3 or some such, so people could host their own SlideShare type service.

@dajbelshaw @ton @bekopharm @metbril It does for PDF - I saw several scripts - but I'm not sure about PowerPoint...

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