Oh... Cinnamon doesn't have a 'night shift' feature and Redshift is... annoying.

Back to KDE or vanilla Pop!_OS, I guess.

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@dajbelshaw Plasma 5 takes the win for me. I haven't tried cinnamon in many years though.

@dajbelshaw Installed Cinnamon but might try KDE.

Definitely super quick to resume from lock screen - my biggest complaint with GNOME. Takes ages!

@celia Yeah KDE is great, especially for fractional scaling. Just quite heavy resource-wise!

@dajbelshaw @celia Really? For the past few years, fractional scaling has always led to weird lines on konsole screens...

@schluff Thanks, but I'm not looking for a solution really, I'm happy with the built-in provision in other desktop environments 👍

@dajbelshaw Alright, sorry for the unsolicited problem solving!
The bug report says it seems fixed in version so and so, that's why I thought it might be helpful.

What's not to like about Redshift? OK colour fidelity is affected but it helps the eyes.

@dajbelshaw The joys of Android! I used to like messing around with different ROMs, but I could never find one that I could settle on. There always seemed to be some (or many!) compromises with each one.

@dajbelshaw Or are those flavours of Linux? I’m out of the loop on customisation:)

@TheWayneGibbons Did you read the post? Desktop environments are a kind of layer on top of the distribution 😉

@dajbelshaw No, didn’t see the post, only Toot I saw was the one starting with “Oh Cinnamon...”. I’ll go back and have a read now. I use Amaroq for Mastodon, and it doesn’t always show a thread properly for some reason. Totally missed the fact that the toot I read was not the first one you posted about this.

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