I bought an Oculus Go a few months ago and since then Facebook have discontinued it and are now phasing in Facebook accounts as the only way to login.

August 2020 Doug is slowly shaking his head and rolling his eyes at March 2020 Doug 🙄

@dajbelshaw Don't link that site in future; it's full of Facebook trackers. ☹

@dajbelshaw @michel_slm @wizzwizz4 internet condoms are a must these days, it's a redlight district out there:(

@dajbelshaw the go discontinuation is expected (it's just like a phone manufacturer stopping manufacturing of an older model after all) but the Facebook login requirement... I guess it's expected too given Facebook owns Oculus but yeah, annoying.

I am also regretting buying it for my family 2 years ago

@dajbelshaw I'm sympathetic... but why would you ever trust Facebook?

@Downes There's not a lot of options for cheap-ish VR other than sticking a mobile phone into some cardboard 😟

@dajbelshaw True. My choice in such circumstances has been to wait, rather than support Facebook.

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