I did the Amsterdam Catacombs online escape room last night with Outlandish co-op.

Having not checked out the website beforehand, I wasn't sure what to expect, but it was fun!

A bit intense in places, and doing it in person must be terrifying, but no bad dreams, so all good


"By convention hot, by convention cold, but in reality atoms and void." (Democritus)

I should not be surprised at shitty people being shitty. But I am.

I've edged into orange. Same most years:

Green (March-September)
Yellow (February / October)
Orange (November-January)


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Looking forward to switching on the Christmas lights with the neighbours in ~1 hour. We're starting a festive tradition after coming together earlier this year to fight developers 🙃

We are launching fedisearch.com , a website for doing full text search on fediverse content.

This could be very useful for small instances users that are missing full text searches, just about anyone else who is looking for a blazing fast fediverse search engine.

We have a well behaved indexer that honors users' preference on opting out status indexing.

Please give it a try and let us know what you think.

For some reason I woke up wanting to cut up magazines and sticking then together in a collage 😅

Of course, looking back at your own writing from a decade ago is a bit cringe-inducing. While I'd stand by *most* of what I wrote on that list, I wouldn't necessarily agree with all of it.

Also, it all seems a bit... shallow? Especially given the amount of personal growth I've undergone over the last few years.

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I'm starting to put together a blog post to be published on my 40th birthday next month.

As part of that, I've revisited a post I wrote about turning 30: dougbelshaw.com/blog/2011/01/1

Really glad to see this: "Try not to burn your bridges, you never know when you might need to return to them. But if you *do* decide it’s necessary, make it spectacular with proper fireworks."

Well played, younger Doug, well played (and I totally took that advice!) 🎆 🔥 😂

It amuses me that my thesis (neverendingthesis.com) has been viewed 8x more than the TEDx video of me talking about my thesis (youtube.com/watch?v=A8yQPoTcZ7)

Perhaps I write better than I speak 😂

the only thing humans do better than every one else is think about philosophy and have a mental breakdown

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