Pretty happy with alpha 0.1.31 - some quirks and bugs that I know workarounds / way to behave that need to be ironed out but can pretty much use full time on mobile and desktop. Here is a YouTube video showing off functions

I saw a toot about someone's blog post telling how they moved from #ubuntu to #debian as it is less "corporate"

In the federated timeline

I lost it

Could anyone here point me to that ?

I'd be interested in reading it

The amount of downtime Disroot's Nextcloud News service has is verging on the ridiculous.

Got an email from EA about FIFA (a game I play a lot) asking me to complete a survey.

Question 1: Do you intend to buy FIFA 21?

Question 2: Why haven't you bought FIFA 21 yet?

<end of survey>


I was talking to someone the other day who said that every small business needs:

1. An ideas person
2. A business person
3. An organising person

Sounded obvious at the time, but now it feels a bit more profound 🤔

@jbauer Removing posts you don't like really isn't in the spirit of the challenge. From the page:

"Posts don’t need to be long-form, deep, meaningful, or even that well written. If there are spelling and grammar mistakes, or even if there’s no real point to the post, so what? What’s important is that you’re writing about the things you want to write about."

I say keep em, regardless of whether they meet your normal standards.

The Digital Privacy Show: A weekly podcast that covers the most important news stories regarding the intersection between technology and your personal privacy. In 10 minutes or less.

Some of my favourite lyrics:

"Cause right now, I see clearer than most
I sit here contented with this cheese on toast"

Decided to update my profile picture after a few people here and elsewhere told me that I looked 'surprised' 😯😂

Right then. It seems lack of clarity on device rules was causing family conflict, so we've sat down as a family this morning to do the following:

1. Wrote down (individually) what we think the current rules are. Had a discussion.

2. Wrote down (individually) what we think the future rules should be. Had another discussion.

3. Collaboratively came up with rules that everyone could agree to. Signed them, and pinned to fridge.

Slides, audio and (unedited) transcript from my presentation 'Open Recognition Networks' are now available at

The conference - ePIC 2020 - continues through

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