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A for 👋

I've been on Mastodon for the last five years, via several instances. Started with, before dabbling with and then finding a home on

I work at the intersection of technology, learning, and community. I'm a member of Previously at Mozilla.

For a couple of years, I was PM of a federated resource sharing platform for educators called MoodleNet. Been into decentralisation since early days of bittorrent!

Not everyone is in a position to, but I'd urge my fellow @fosstodon members to join me in financially supporting this instance!

...and now there's a critical error on my personal blog (hosted elsewhere)?

Hmmm 🤔

Bollocks. Thought Shrapnel has a 'critical error'.

I've had so many database issues and error hosting via Digital Ocean that I never got when using shared hosting 🙄

i'm really starting to be pissed off by the "gates, bezos, musk etc. are evil, thus remove their wealth" line of arguments.

are these all pretty shitty fellers? yes. but that's the wrong line of argument to pursue.

even if each and every billionaire was a crown jewel of humanity, with ultimate goodness, humility, and decency bestowed unto them by a joint committee of all gods ever existed, even if they were literally incapable of hurting, we should still rid of billionaires and excess wealth accumulation.

the issue is not bad people accumulating money. it's simply some people accumulating all the money.

the issue is all this power and these resources must be controlled democratically and shared by the entire humanity.

it may sound like a small thing but from what i observe "billionaires do good, malaria!" is still the main thing that devolves arguments around wealth accumulation.

Just realised that OxygenOS has reached end of life for both of my kids' OnePlus 5 phones, so putting them back on LineageOS (which they've been on before)

They always think I'm some kind of crazy hacker for just typing in some fastboot commands into Terminal 😂

The latest version of We Are Open Co-op's podcast is now out, featuring @epilepticrabbit @KingMob and... me!

Available in all of the usual places, including SoundCloud:

Relevant news for people who build decentralized software 

The W3C Decentralized Identifiers standard is now a 1.0 draft.

(I only just heard of it today, I have no opinions on it right now.)

It's my half-birthday today!

I hope you have half a birthday emoji for me, half a birthday cake, and half a balloon?

One of my favourite things about not having a boss is that, when things are a bit quieter, you can take it easier (rather than being given pointless crap to do)

Or... do what you like, especially if it's because you're really interested in something. Qualifications aren't only for employment.

"Specialization is for insects." (Robert Heinlein)

Just saw the above quotation from @bhart's profile and it's 👌

Just pushed out a small update to our co-op's free, emailed-based course, 'What We Talk About WHen We Talk About Open'

A while ago I saw a cartoon showing what was described as a single endorphin banging a drum in a huge stadium.

That is my brain this morning, sadly.

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