"How I use Linux Mobile as a daily driver"

This is the first post on which I created to share my Linux Mobile trials, tribulations, and successes!

@dailylinuxmobile hello, new neighbor! Found you thanks to #Purism hashtags. Nice idea to make a dedicated blog for GNU/Linux phone. Greetings!


@ademalsasa Thanks! I looked at your teachings. Looks like you cover a great set of topics!

Nice post! You wrote:

> Etesync for contact/calendar sync, via DAV.

But what app do you use on the phone? I've found GNOME Calendar to be utterly unusable on Phosh. I'm trying to use Calindori, but it isn't great either.

There's a new KDE calendar app for mobile being worked on in the GSoC that looks promising.

@normandc I'm not a heavy calendar user (~read-only). I use GNOME Calendar, in Week view, with a horizontal phone orientation. It's still only just usable. Version 41 (currently at rc) has migrated more UIs to libhandy. Steadily, things are improving. :)

I'm not a heavy calendar user either, but I do need to track some appointments, and I always create them on my phone, which I find near impossible to do in the current version of GNOME Calendar. At the risk of sounding like an ingrate, the mobile improvements you speak of can't arrive soon enough for me. 😉

I do understand everything is still in development, and I'm grateful for the work that has been done so far. Much has improved in the past year. 😀

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