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Distributed systems and massive orchestration is fun (and frustrating).

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I just remembered the tool I wrote when I was working at Gameloft to avoid the pain managing AWS when doing stress tests.
A couple of simple C# programs that let me orchestrate hundreds of VMs semiautomatically and see realtime stats of every one of them in a nice GUI on my PC.
Those were fun times. And it was Aperture Science thematic!

I take back what I said, it was just me being dumb not knowing who to interpret the data.

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I'm trying to profile my allocations in Tracy, but all I get is a noisy list of allocations made by Tracy itself (with a pinch of my own here and there), dammit.

GitHub "Explore" recommendations were a nice way of finding interesting projects. Since Microsoft acquired it that feature became worse and worse and now its totally useless.
What a shame

just bought a Pinephone CE, now to sit and wait for it.

took a couple hours to integrate the Tracy profiler into my C++ project. very smooth experience and great results. this is gonna be much better than a lot of printf()s

the worst part of writing a game server emulator is clearly DB design

Hello everyone! I came here to dump my thoughts and share my personal programming projects, have interesting conversations and find interesting people to follow.
i'll probably talk mainly about network protocols, systems and videogame tech.
see you around!


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