Firefox (Windows) websockets seem to barely work after multiple weeks of just hibernating without restarts and it drives me mad.

managed to get a fullscreen youtube video using a steam controller as a bluetooth mouse.
looks great but it devours the phone battery. also the integrated speakers work too

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once the battery is charged ill do some more tests, like putting a black wallpaper to see if that makes for a transparent display

just tried connecting the Nreal Light to the running latest pmOS and it detected them as a secondary display right away! quality is nice, usability not that much since it puts itself into docking mode and i dont have a mouse attached. but hey it works without doing anything at all.

the nreal light arrived! now to charge my dead pinephone battery

@Ticktok consumer AR glasses seem quite barebones yeah. i heard really good things about the oled displays on these so even as a simple secondary display they should prove useful

the only device i have that has usb-c alternate mode is the , so i'll try to use it with the nreal light glasses when they arrive. no idea how DP+3 cameras+IMU goes through the cable but will see

trying to grab a pair of Nreal Light glasses to toy around. i have zero faith on them working out of the box on any of my devices

there seems to be no desktop opensource software to track stock portfolios aside of the german "Portfolio Performance", which seems to have an awful development pace and zero plugin support.
aah if only i had time im sure i can come up with something nice in a couple weeks..

its hard enough to reverse engineer a game and write a server for it. but even worse when the game has bugs you are not supposed to fix and have to deal with them

just found out about imTUI and notcurses. im excited to use them in my projects! too bad Windows support is barely there

its so nice when the 3D printer just works.
click print and receive objects.

after a month of troubles got the new 3D printer working perfectly on its own, almost threw it out the window

flash news: Oracle's VirtualBox still sucks

just found out about the Matter&Form 3D scanner (
looks like an interesting form factor to copy, no way im paying 800 for that

i'm getting a new 3D printer for my birthday (had one like 5 years ago) and i'm researching 3D scanners to accompany it.
seems like FOSS 3D scanner efforts died with BQ and its Ciclop? the GPL didnt work great for that project

@edgren it looks great in the preview but it then difuminates the whole thing

i've been forced to install GCam in my POCO F3 to make decent photos. OpenCamera makes them all blurry, like night and day.

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