flash news: Oracle's VirtualBox still sucks

just found out about the Matter&Form 3D scanner (matterandform.net/scanner).
looks like an interesting form factor to copy, no way im paying 800 for that

i'm getting a new 3D printer for my birthday (had one like 5 years ago) and i'm researching 3D scanners to accompany it.
seems like FOSS 3D scanner efforts died with BQ and its Ciclop? the GPL didnt work great for that project

i've been forced to install GCam in my POCO F3 to make decent photos. OpenCamera makes them all blurry, like night and day.

i always forget that std::unordered_map has the method at()

is it just me or there are zero apps for managing 7zip/zip/rar files in F-Droid?

in my opinion putting out a Pinephone Pro before the non-pro has full support for everything just fragments the efforts and worsens the advancements.
but thats just my opinion

just got LineageOS installed in my new POCO F3. coming from an Android One it feels pretty similar except for the lack of google stuff. lets see how feasible is to fully live without google apps

got myself a POCO F3 to replace my ageing Xiaomi Mi A2 Lite.
looking forward to flash LineageOS and avoid the shitty MIUI

@tuxdevices would it be possible for @pmOS_devices to include a link to their wiki page?

would be great to have time to update my pinephone.
my plans of writing a dearImGui-based desktop for it will have to wait.

fighting step by step the serialization of entities from/to the database so i can actually start writing gameplay code.
database code is boring but someone gotta do it

smart glasses from Xiaomi using android, which means they have to release the kernel at some point. lets hope they are actually hackable

why are there *zero* C++ IDEs that expand macros and specialize templates during a debugging session? tech wise is perfectly feasible and debugging templates/macros as of now is awful to say the least

how comes noone talks about the EU plan to backdoor and monitor all messaging and email programs?

first day of my new job finished. very nice people, still cannot trust remote PCs to remain operative a full day

got my PC back after more than a month, time to get up to speed with all the projects

mystery solved with the lightning. the heightmap normals were flipped

compiled and ran re3 on my laptop and pinephone both running @manjarolinux
on the laptop it runs so much better than the Proton version! but sadly on the pinephone there seems to be some opengl and wayland issues and nothing gets rendered (it doesnt crash though).

got a pcap of the official game server from before it shutdown in 2009. turns out the encryption althought is shitty by today standards, it is still not that straightforward to crack.
So here I am learning CUDA to blow it up

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