Rant about GNOME and Fedora 35 

Testing out the latest Fedora release and enjoying it so far. GNOME had some minor changes this release, but really solid. Then I plugged a mouse in and Wayland still has issues with mouse wheel scrolling. It's like I'm trying to turn a capsized boat to just scroll a page. I still don't see a way to adjust mouse scrolling under Wayland. Lucky for me my mouse has a flywheel.

How is this considered releasable in this state? Do GNOME devs only use touchpads!?

The state of mobile gaming depresses me. I wasted a few days trying out some "games" which were mainly ads and pushers of in-game currency. I know these are all designed for "whales" who would easily put $100 a month on fake game money, but there's really little value here. Most of these idle games are maybe worth $3 tops.

I wish that developers would take a more ethical route, and many indie devs do, but the giant game mills just spam the apps stores to oblivion.. Bleh.


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