What are your recommendations for Calendar and Contacts sync? I am currently using Nextcloud and syncing it with DAVdroid.

@daeh I found Nextcloud with Davdroid to be OK at best. I've since moved to Fastmail. I still use Davdroid for my contacts syncing, but my mail and cal is done via their app.

@kev, @daeh, +1 for Fastmail. It’s one of the best services out there for email, contacts, calendars, etc.

@kev @daeh
I have Baïkal running in a Docker container

On the client side I also use DAVdroid+OpenTasks (mobile) and Lightning (desktop/thunderbird)

runs very smooth together :)

@daeh nextcloud works just fine for me and my family. Didn't have any issues with it

@Matter @daeh same, although I'm considering spinning up a freedombox for comparison...

@daeh I've been running the same combo as you for quite some time now, without any problems.

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