Maybe I am missing arguments but why is software used by goverments not open source? It is literally funded by the public.
It would also help finding security leaks and benefit everyone in general.

@daeh because the government is terrible bad at managing money and/or efficiency.

@daeh Other governments would use it and reap the benefit without contributing? I dont' think it's a good reason, but keeping IP in the country and protecting it always seems to be a big issue.

@daeh its also a complete lack of understanding by those in government and government agencies. Bureaucrats are lucky to understand email.

I have written to governments here in Australia about the use of FOSS in government and had zero response, not even cookie cutter "thanks for your feedback" responses.

@daeh The Free Software Foundation Europe is just fighting to solve this problem, for more info visit

@daeh In the US (military/security/intel/etc.), there is some FOSS and GOSS (Government OSS, which is open to parties with appropriate security clearance) and the amount is growing. It's nowhere near the proportion it should be but as the old guard ages out I expect the adoption to improve.

I wrote half a thesis relating to this, but got so upset that I abandoned it and wrote one on the militarization of education - no joke.

The short answer (for the mo'). Within capitalism, government is its institutionalising body. Anything FOSS related is in direct opposition to those ends. If it is used/developed, it is only for the purposes of gaining an edge on competition. Capitalist governments do not exist for the benefit of the people; let's not be naïve to their machinations.

@redandgreen14 It is sad to see that, I feel like in capitalism everyone is working against each other. I also do think that this heavily promotes competition which is not a bad thing in general but will harm much needed development in the long term in specfic areas. The shool system for example.

That's part of the nature of capitalism. I think it would behoove us to reframe competition outside of capitalist modes of thinking. More along the lines of cooperation.

If you think about it nature is open source it's how evolution works

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