Trying out nitrux OS looks like a really cool didtro

What do you think about the vivaldi browser. I also like Brave but their UI on linux is just so bad that it is nearly not usable for me.

I am having wild dreams about an open sourced music streaming platform which lets you stream your music like spotify off your own server while providing an interface on mobile and web.

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is 22 years today!

My only regret: That we didn't push harder for the term "Kool Desktop Environment"

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Just released: KDE's Plasma 5.14 desktop comes with new features and a much polished environment

Plasma 5.14 simplifies managing multiple displays thanks to its new Display Configuration widget; global menus now work also with GTK applications like GIMP; a new safeguard feature warns you if other users are logged in when you log out; and Discover now lets you install Snaps from all available channels, orders software by release date, and shows package dependencies.

is hitting back hard. Talking 2h with the support of my Bank just to figure out that they need Gapps for sending transactions and the non propritary GCM solution does not work here. Atleast I can emulate an Android device with Gapps on my PC and workaround the problem ...

Running a fully :opensource: smartphone for a week feels great so far. But damn I miss google maps :(

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Freiheit statt Angst – Stoppt die Polizeigesetze! Demo-Block bei #unteilbar.

Am 13.10., 12 Uhr in Berlin Freiheit verteidigen!

#FsA18 #NoPolG

I am actually mixing dark minimal/techno, while I was on windows I used fl studio to sync the BPM and mix the tracks but I feel lost on the :opensource: spectrum. What are audio tools you can recommend? They should be able to:
* cut tracks
* stretch to a special bpm
* provide a basic equalitzer with automatic events.

What are your recommendations for Calendar and Contacts sync? I am currently using Nextcloud and syncing it with DAVdroid.

Finished installing lineageOS with microG, feels good to go all open source on my smartphone. Let´s see if my most important apps are still working.

I just found a great Podcast called: "Firewalls don´t like Dragons" and is about security, FOSS and some privacy stuff. A great ressource to find new tools and discovering new ways of getting stuff done with :opensource: software.

I opted for the impossible and got myself a used macbook pro 2015. sadly there is no place to stick my :opensource: sticker on it.

Hey I heard about @Pixelfed and I am actually using it now! It does feel way more open and secure than instagram but how does it come that there are none native Apps at the moment?

Rüdiger Weis discussed the struggle with me, that many scientiest, mathmaticians and cryptographer have, of dealing with the consequences of their open source software. Since it is open it can also be used by millitary and people who will do harm with it.

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Es ist so traurig zu sehen, was da im Hambacher Forst abgeht. Fühlt sich traumatisch an, dass bewaffnete Robocops im Auftrag des Kapitalismus eine Zerstörung der Natur gewaltsam durchsetzen.

Mir wird wirklich schlecht dabei.

Do not get me wrong! Auto dark/light themes rules the most and should be a universal standard!

I am one of those weirdos that prefers light themes over dark themes. Why is the foss community so obsessed with dark themes? Trying out the :opensource: rss feed reader on :fdroid:, I hardly find any which do not use dark themes as a standard or allows me to change the theme to a light one.

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Warum wird überall so viel über Flüchtlinge diskutiert. Weil dies die einzige politische Frage ist, für deren Beantwortung man den Reichen nichts wegnehmen muss.

Alle anderen Probleme, soziale Ungerechtigkeit, Bildungsnotstand, Altersarmut, Infrastrukturapokalypse, Klimawandel kann man nur lösen, wenn man den Reichen etwas wegnimmt und es zur Problemlösung einsetzt.

I actually like the idea of open core instead of open source way more. If you have a great product I am happy to pay for it!

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