What Music do you listen to if you need to concentrate for some time?

5. A tool which will sync music to your device but wait! It will convert your uncompressed flac/wav files and create .ogg files on the fly. This way you will keep your Music at home uncompressed but save space on your mobile device.

4. A Illustration Generator which overlays SVG Graphics to generate new Illustrations. For e.g. the Generator will take ranom eyes, hair, skin color ... and overlay those to generate a new Face.

3. A feature for mastodon which will allow users to mark content as "Rule violation" but instead of letting a closed comittee decide on the outcome let random people decide if this is a violation. Everyone participates and will get anonymus posts marked as a violation to review.

2. A Algorithm which automatically mixes electronic music bpm based and can play Music in a endless loop

1. A computer you attach to motorcycles which is used to track round times, count laps and which also comes with a mobile app to provide riders with infos about upcoming events, a place where they can track their races and get news.

Quickly getting 5 Ideas of my mind. 2 more days to finish 25 ideas in 5 days.

2. A tool which will shorten audio books by cutting.out parts which are silent

Thinking quite a bit about this one

5. Virtual Reality concerts you can attend with your friends. More like a game where you can join rooms and pay for premium or you could pay for a attended concert

4. A simple App which lets you grow a pet or plant based on time tracked on todos.

3. A smart Tool which finds empty places in your Calendar and suggests times to do your todos in those free times based on the priority of the todo

1. A tool which let s you choose up to 20 wallpapers and sets them AS a dynamic wallpaper over the day. For Linux KDE.

Coming up with 5 daily ideas is a great mental training and becomes really fun when you run out of ideas

@dansup will there be a native android app or will be the webview packaged as.a app?

5. Unlock your computer with a keyword and your voice

4. Share images with your Linux machine via connecting your smartphone to a NFC tag

3. App for the homeless people that shows where is still food left ( volunteering food giveaways) and where is still a place to sleep

2. An algorithm which sorts your music based on factors like duration, BPM and overall frequency to find alike tracks

1. A tool which injects caldav events Events Events morning with feel good quotes

Feeling motivated now. Just gonna post some daily ideas...

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