I'm starting a small call for entries for a yet-to-exist 'zine on tech for resting, being lazy, letting be, and having a break. Share wide and far.


For the first Fallow Zine, la Jachère is interested in contributions about the following topics, but not limited to them.

- Lazy tech or tech for the lazies
- Tech that falls into place, fits, is just enough
- Tech for rest, pause, have a break, take a breath
- Tech for preservation, of the status quo, of energy, of a moment, of equilibrium

More on jache.re/notes/call-fallow-zin

- Deadline: 21. June 2022 (more or less… deadlines are thresholds to play with)

#zine #technology


@thgie Where do I sign up to read this when it's released? Sounds great

👋 @da5nsy We haven't thought about the release date yet as it depends on how much material comes in (if any at all 😅). But we are aiming towards the end of August 2022. You can send material and inquiries to adrian@thgie.ch

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