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Really excited about the @turingway book dash this week - @alden_tweets @jen_gineered, Hari Sood and I are writing a new chapter on sustainability pathways for open source projects - exploring case studies of projects with a combo of commercial and grant award revenue sources📚

📚🌬️ Book Dash is fully underway! We're so excited to work on contributions and collaborations within our community this week! Stay tuned for progress updates 🥳🥳🥳

Don't forget to sign up for Community Share-out (happening THIS Friday, 20 May):

600.000 lumens from the sun.

It's so bright you can not look at it.

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This is fully , no external dependencies or assets, ~13kb of vanilla and

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⁦@FelixGBartsch⁩ is presenting our work on mapping the spatial chromatic receptive field structure of V1 cells *at the fovea* . It’s super ambitious and Felix is rocking his presentation.

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Still time to catch Stuart Duffield and Spencer Loggia present their work on spatial chromatic fMRI responses in alert macaque, a tool to relate monkey and human vision . It’s their first conference poster and they’ve made me very proud.

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Shriya Awasthi did an amazing job presenting our work with ⁦@da5nsy⁩ and ⁦@BrunoAverbeck⁩ testing cognitive penetrance of color and showing interesting timing differences in learning about colors and shapes in monkeys.

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Very proud of Hannah Selwyn and Audrey Chang, two post-bacs who presented their heroic work with @da5nsy and Shriya Awasthi to uncover the color categories in macaque monkeys

English is a perfectly reasonable language I think to myself while eating a dessert in the desert.


Clean, smooth paper square

lies calmly waiting for me

to unfold my mind.

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Talking to fellow scientists young & old at about scientific careers, I keep finding myself recommending these wonderful essays by my colleague @danielnettle , perhaps esp. this one: but also . Do give them a read.

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Here are my slides from the Open Science Workshop where I shared what I think are best practices with preregistration, and how adding this into workflow may promote rigorous research. I also shared how prereg can be a very useful tool for ECRs!

brb porting doom to hypercomputers that orbit rotating black holes

life tip: feeling tired all the time? get a cat. they won't really help you feel less tired, but they're kinda cute

I can now rent electric cargo bikes around the corner from me. Very nice, if I need to transport something.😇 The price is also okay. If this continues, Hannover will soon become Dutch.🥳

Thinking of learning a new keyboard layout but not sure if I should go with Dvorak or Colemak. What would you recommend?

Social Sunday was quiet. I was to tired to enjoy a code party so I just folded. Origami, that is. Good thing, too. I needed to bring up some memory, and while I was at it, coming in from a diffferent mental angle, I found the better way to fold the model that I knew was there. One of those brilliant conversations with the paper.

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