Just found out Tusky and Fedilab are now censoring instances that the developers don't like.. To those developers... Who made you king that you get to decide what others visit? You have no right to control other people´s lives. Just because something offends you, that doesn't give you the right to tell us what we can't do.. I don't like SJW´s, but I do not try to silence them.. @tusky and @fedilab developers.... pull your heads out of your posteriors.

@d4klutz This is why we have the free software, so people are free in their decisions on how a software should look like.

This software freedoms are designed so everyone can get the software they like in the way they like. And when those devs decide that they want to block those instances in their builds, that's fine, take the sources, patch them and build it yourself. That's what all this is about.


@sheogorath I agree.. free software is good for that, but nonone has responded to my original point. Devs have no responsibility or right to chose what can and cannot be censored. Period. By doing so, they exert control over other people who don't want to be controlled. If the devs want to setup an "opt-in" censorship (which we control individually), then set it up. But to force ones personal beliefs on another goes against the foundation of what this community was founded upon. Full Stop.

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