Just found out Tusky and Fedilab are now censoring instances that the developers don't like.. To those developers... Who made you king that you get to decide what others visit? You have no right to control other people´s lives. Just because something offends you, that doesn't give you the right to tell us what we can't do.. I don't like SJW´s, but I do not try to silence them.. @tusky and @fedilab developers.... pull your heads out of your posteriors.

@d4klutz Amen brother! Half the point of the fediverse in my eyes is freedom. Let the user decide who they block or not.

@d4klutz I sincerely think they wouldn't be taking this measure if Gab's app wasn't already removed from both app stores *and* it wasn't explicitly stated that use of these apps was a motivator in Gab moving to Mastodon's code.

Like most stupid things businesses in America do, this is 100% a risk calculation. Do nothing, and risk having to go back and forth with Google/Apple's abuse team for weeks, for a personal FOSS project.

@r000t the problem isnt just gab. If gab offends a person, that person can block it. Ignore it. That is what I do with all the sites that I don't like. I self censor. I don't need, nor want anyone doing it for me. What it really comes down to is that there is no stopping censorship when it start. Everyone is so offended by everything. It is more a cultural problem. However, Devs don't help by encouraging it. There are other, better ways to deal with things people don't like.

@r000t also, just FYI, I have no knowledge of gab or its contents.. just hearsay... they have the right to express themselves by word, as do all poeple.

@d4klutz The long story short is: Gab had so much of a problem with not handling real actual abuse (real actual death threats, real actual calls to violence, etc.) that its mobile app was removed from Google Play and the App Store.

Part of Gab's announcement to moving to Mastodon was "Now Google can't ban us because there's Mastodon apps. Checkm9"

@d4klutz So the problem we got here is, every one of those app developers is trying to *not* get hit with the first half of Gab's prognostication, see pic related.

@r000t I understand that.. but, this isnt just about gab.. it is about the consequences of actions. Where does it stop? Gab will not be the last site by any means if the censorship goes through. Where is the line to be drawn?. I am not defending Gab´s content, just the right of people to be free to make their own decisions.

@d4klutz I think I need to straight up write a blog post about this.

For me personally, if I had a Mastodon app, I'd be handing a cleansed version to Apple/Google. Their road, their rules.

I'd then turn around and put the "raw" version on my website and F-Droid.

I think everyone's missing the point here: Yes, free speech is important, but Google and Apple have theirs, and apps that interact with Gab will *probably* get ToS'd. Then nobody can use them. That's a loss for everyone.

Basically, I think everyone's mad at people who make Mastodon apps, when they should be mad at Google and Apple.

Yes, I'm sure some of the app developers are making a political statement. But others are simply trying to keep their software available.

@d4klutz This is why we have the free software, so people are free in their decisions on how a software should look like.

This software freedoms are designed so everyone can get the software they like in the way they like. And when those devs decide that they want to block those instances in their builds, that's fine, take the sources, patch them and build it yourself. That's what all this is about.

@sheogorath I agree.. free software is good for that, but nonone has responded to my original point. Devs have no responsibility or right to chose what can and cannot be censored. Period. By doing so, they exert control over other people who don't want to be controlled. If the devs want to setup an "opt-in" censorship (which we control individually), then set it up. But to force ones personal beliefs on another goes against the foundation of what this community was founded upon. Full Stop.


Free speech is our ability to go to the town square stand on a soapbox and give our opinion.

Free speech is also our ability to set up a newspaper or web site, app or program, and use it to promote our point of view, or not to promote points of view which are odious to us and associated with war crimes, slavery, and genocide.

You don't get to use our free speech soapbox to promote your fascist point of view.

Woody Guthrie
All You Fascists Bound To Lose

@hhardy01 @d4klutz Popper’s Paradox We can answer these points using the minority rule. Yes, an intolerant minority can control and destroy democracy. Actually, as we saw, it will eventually destroy our world.

So, we need to be more than intolerant with some intolerant minorities. It is not permissible to use “American values” or “Western principles” in treating intolerant Salafism (which denies other peoples’ right to have their own religion). The West is currently in the process of committing suicide.

@js290 @hhardy01 I agree with you partially. The reason for the downfall of western culture is not because we don't censor or lack of tolerance, but lack of holding people accountable for their actions. Allowing people to blame their actions on how others treated them vs their personal choices, allows this breakdown as now all actions become allowable if the action is caused as a reaction to a severe enough cause.

Intolerance should not be of an individual, but based on a person´s actions.

@hhardy01 Actually, you CAN use a soapbox to promote any view you want. However, using the views to damage or hurt another person is not acceptable (yelling fire in a theater). The real issue is who gets to decide what I get to gain access to. Only I should decide that. What I do with that is my responsibility, not anyone else's. I pay the consequences of my actions, not the devs. To follow your thought, MANBLA cannot push their heinous man/child love agenda. Yet they do with freedom of speech.


YOU can't use OUR soapbox. Make your own.

You all are always making fun of normal Americans who are loyal to the Constitution and not to Russia.

If you lot are so smart, make your own social software.

Don't be all chanting "Blood and Soil" and "Jews will not replace us" carrying Swastikas at torch-lit protests like the Nazis and then be whining and all hurt if a German Jewish developer doesn't want to let you use his software for free.

@d4klutz I don't know the motives behind this, but I do feel it has been done to avoid the clients being banned from the app store(s), rather than "political corectness".

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