finally got my 2 - 27" curved Samsung panels. top monitor (22") is for raspberry pi/ testbed pcs.

@d4klutz I say two monitors is how you know you're a professional. atm I have two boxes hooked to just one screen lol

@dan LOL. These are the first new monitors I have purchased in over 10 years. The last set of monitors I had, I got for doing some work and helping someone move. They were still new in box, but several years old.... I desired something shiny :-)

@woah Right now, just 4.25 TB It only has 100mb nics.. it is a bit old.. but, when I get my storage server built, ill have a lot more w/ Gb nics...

@d4klutz nice. Local network wise, 100mb is plenty though so

@woah That is unless you are trying to restore or transfer disk images or game files.. Then it takes forever LOL

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