@d4klutz mehhhh default passwords in IoT devices are a big part of the growing IoT bot net. It’s one of those threats that surfaces every few years, but I feel we under estimate the risk it poses.

@marxistpenguinist i agree. It is a best practice that is already employed on a lot of platforms, but should definitely be employed on all IOT devices as well. However, it is far too much government over-reach to mandate it. Case in point, the straw ban recently enacted in California.

@d4klutz idk it's basically the same conundrum as the whole anti-vaxx crowd. It weakens herd immunity.

However forcing manufacturers to use random passwords seems like far less of an ethical concern especially since it's not like people won't be receiving the password with the device. It's not like a legislated backdoor. In fact, it's the opposite.

@marxistpenguinist I understand what you are saying... I am not against putting passwords on the devices, etc.. Im against the government forcing it to be done.

If a person chooses to have insecure devices, then they deserve to get what happens. If a company produces crap products, then they deserve to lose business. If people don't care, they will start caring when they lose everything. It is the nature of life to learn by negative consequences. I say let it happen.

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