I am looking for the best Open Source video editor I can get that runs on Linux (specifically manjaro). I will consider other distros if need be. I just picked up a 93 Ford Bronco that is a project truck. I wish to document the work and post videos of the work on the web.

Any suggestions? Thanks in advance.

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Facebook's behaviour and MO is gross, but to let 3rd party apps send data to them is just plain fucking wrong. FB is a cancer that needs to die.

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Sometimes I fekking love being an adult, the people I play DnD chipped in to rent an old watermill in the forest to play Dungeons and Dragons in in March... it is going to be awesome.


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My spouse and I celebrate Valentines Day on the 15th when everything is half price. Her view on it was "I want you to show me you love me everyday, not just one day a year because card companies told you to."

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The observant will have noticed that the images for #ManjaroARM 19.02 was uploaded around 10 hours ago.

But here is the official announcement!

Manjaro ARM 19.02 has been released, with images for #rpi3 #oc2 #pinebook and #rock64.

This release sports the new OEM type setup, #lxqt 0.14 and #plasma 5.15.


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Almost done creating new Manjaro ARM images!

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I just discovered that Microsoft wont allow RD server manager and active directory services run on the same box. This seems to have changed with a recent update. This means I need a second server. *Facepalm*. I guess it is anything to screw over the small companies.

I hate Windows servers so much. Licensing crap is the worst. RDP recognizes licenses but says that the license server is offline. The rdp server can't see itself. Grrrrrr.

Just placed an order for a OnePlus 6T. I wanted the librem5 or a cosmo communicator, but neither are ready for general purchase yet. I couldnt wait any longer. I hope that this phone lasts longer than my Samsung s8 did (1.5 yrs)

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so.... after watching a movie on the old TV last night, I realized that I need a sound system. I started researching and quickly got in over my head. I'm looking at 3 options... 1) sound bar w/ sub, 2) A/V receiver with speakers, or 3) Vintage HiFi gear.

any advice, or input from those with more knowledge? FYI, I'm partially deaf, so loud with no distortion is important.

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So there is this peer to peer, chat system. It has no tracking or ads, it doesnt require any infrastructure to be 100% effective. You can use it with your computer and type to folks, similar to IRC. You can literally run a BBS over it and many actually do.

Its called Ham Radio.

ugh. finally succumbed to the crud my wife had last week. I was hoping to squeak by healthy this winter. grrrr.

so, we lost power @ 3:30am and a winter storm knocking on our front door.. power is now back on... 7 hrs later.... and the temps oustide near freezing.. we are supposed to be down in the teens as of 7pm central tonight. Thanks to all the power guys who were out working in 20 - 40 mph winds to get power back on for us!

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boost within 420 years to receive FREE, LIBRE, OPEN SOURCE SOFTWARE under your pillow tonight!!1!

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