ugh. finally succumbed to the crud my wife had last week. I was hoping to squeak by healthy this winter. grrrr.

so, we lost power @ 3:30am and a winter storm knocking on our front door.. power is now back on... 7 hrs later.... and the temps oustide near freezing.. we are supposed to be down in the teens as of 7pm central tonight. Thanks to all the power guys who were out working in 20 - 40 mph winds to get power back on for us!

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boost within 420 years to receive FREE, LIBRE, OPEN SOURCE SOFTWARE under your pillow tonight!!1!

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@rtwx @kiri @mooshoe I think the whole thing is ridiculous, quite frankly. You see it a lot on Mastodon; people moaning because their voice isn’t heard, or they are oppressed, or the entire world is against them. There are racists, there are sexists, but the reality is that the vast majority of people couldn’t care less (myself included) if someone is black, brown, pink, green, straight, LGBT, or anything else just as long as you’re a nice person. Some people just need to get over themselves.

ugh. power just went out... and the cold front plus wind hasn't arrived yet. t- 2 hrs for projected front arrival.

To me, this is the perfect device..

I am thinking of backing this. Any concerns or thoughts that I should consider before purchasing? This is my dream form factor.

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@d4klutz A few days ago I wrote in another toot that the canvas-blocker will also give a red flag for Tutanota, Protonmail, and more. Also, I came across a forum post from around 2013 (afair) where DDG was accused of fingerprinting, and DDG replied to that. This might be more interesting : #ddg #canvas

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In your first toot you referred to a post on soylentnews. They referred to a discussion in whonix. There was the original claim, but also a prompt denial by another poster who works for DDG. Soylentnews should have mentioned both the claim and the denial.

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@d4klutz makes sense to me.

DDG also has a JavaScript-free version which kicks in when you visit their site with NoScript on, and has most of the functionality of the JS-enabled version.

I find that pretty impressive and kudos-worthy.

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@DistroJunkie I have been studying economics for over a decade from a base principle perspective trying to discover the roots to different economic systems.

Then I get on the fediverse and I just shrug off all of the claims that capitalism did this and that to me and that capitalism is satan and the it sucks. But I don't think those people know what that word means... what they are talking about is the effects of government control, ie socialism/facism (those two are very similar).

as a frequent user of duck duck go.. this concerns me.

DDG starting to fingerprint?

Is this something to be concerned about, or just a lot of FUD?

Free advice for any IT person... if you can, always have a client that works with special needs children. I have had a really rough year so far, and was at a clients (a school for special needs kids) and seeing them smile and enjoy life, well, it brought joy to me, and helped me let go of some of the stress. it is hard to not be happy when one is around a bunch of smiling, giggling kids.

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Wow, the community really is amazing! I posted a fairly beginner question on r/rust just now, and within 10 minutes I got 8 comments—7 of them were attempted solutions, 6 of them were *correct* solutions, and 2 of them had full, running code samples/diffs.

And *none* of them called me dumb or implied I don't know how to program—even though I made a classic beginner mistake (solving ownership issues with excessive use of `clone()` instead of by understating my code better)

please ignore my ignorance and if anyone know, please tell me what this sticker means.

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A little girl at work asked me if I wanted to know what her favorite #dinosaur was... I squatted down to her eye level (I'm 6'4" and she's a 5 year old) and said "I want all of you kids to listen to me carefully, I don't care what I'm doing or how old I am, I will ALWAYS want to know what somebodies favorite dinosaur is."

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Playing with my wife tonight for the first time... let me tell you, after an hour setting up the game I just want to take a nap... then wake up and design my own tabletop game that takes 5 minutes to setup.

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