Finished reading The Apollo Murders by Chris Hadfield. Absolutely did not end the way I expected.

Encounter at Farpoint aka Reunion of the Space Jellyfish

So... watching Encounter at Farpoint, the ensign played my Evelyn Guerrero that helped Riker find Data in the holodeck - 2 fun facts - she was the first latina to be in Playboy mag ( 1980 ) and she was married to Pat Morita from 1994 - 2005.

like all fathers, this one looks proud. I haven't seen the litter yet as the momma has them hidden away nesting somewhere... on thursday

as expected I do not like the nib on the orange demo so I swapped it out for a nib I had laying around. So much better now.

Thinking about buying this player I need something to put all my flac files on and throw in my bag.

: cleaning my lineup for a new loadout. the goal will be to have only three

dangit guys! I always go right down to the wire with well here's another shot of soda pop.

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oh... it's ... here's lulu where she likes to be - on top of the world i/e. the fridge.

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Am I the only one who wishes and other fediverse social platforms had nested comments (that where easy to visualize)? It would make navigation so much easier imo

finally finished my bike build. she'll make her maiden voyage tomorrow.


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