Audacity telemetry can be turned off and you can fork the project if you don't like where it is heading. What's the fuss about it? Didn't Firefox do the same thing?

I listened at least 6 of them and I wonder how many other version of Johnny B. Goode is roaming around.

Just a heads up. app is not private if you don't choose LibreTranslate in its settings.

If you need Google Translate without tracking use

Admittedly, sometimes all these options of Linux is overwhelming me.

Anyone knows a libre language learning platform (like Udemy)?

(Please boost if you don't)

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I find the number of UFOs I spot in the sky increases dramatically when I'm not wearing my glasses.

Me after giving KDE a try after using GNOME for many years

Let me tell you a sad little story.

Billions of years of evolution makes you a human with a massive brain power and given the chances you can be anything you want; and you become a 'tiktokker'.

Can somebody explain to me that how come Apple implements blur to a device which has even only 1 GB ram (think iPhone 5s and 6) while literally no other vendor can do it properly (I am underlining properly) even on so called monstrous machines. I saw OneUI and that blur looks just cheap.

When a new Ubuntu version comes out:

I am slowly accepting the fact that Firefox will never be as fast as Chromium based browsers on Android yet I will keep using it because old habits just don't die.

I am not really into theming my desktop much but Flat Remix shell theme looks delicious on GNOME.

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We have removed like counts from Discover, Hashtag and Profile pages.

Like counts on posts will be replaced with "Liked by" and the count will only be visible to the status owner in our next release. #pixelfed

TIL you can select Firefox Nightly (Android) as a password autofill provider; though using KeePass is still cooler. 🙃

Is earth flat?

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