I posted earlier about getting an HP Probook but decided to refurb it and resell. I landed a great deal on 2nd hand Zbook 15 G3. What a powerhouse with i7 (8) processor, RAM upgradeable to 64GB, dynamic graphics (intel and NVIDIA) and plenty of slots for storage. Just put Arch on it with Fluxbox and a few other bits and bobs. Now transferring my backup files and it'll be ready for tweaking!

Hello everyone, I am having some trouble encouraging family and friends to move away from Whatsapp. I may have to make a clean break and pick up the pieces later but have some time to convince them. What would be the best app for them to transition to? Video capability would be a plus as many of them are in another country. I am thinking . Any other thoughts?

Me standing in a crowded public place.
Everyone else: *looks at phone* "I wonder if <friend(s)> saw that pic I uploaded yet. Why hasn't anyone commented on it yet????? Maybe I should just delete it?"
Me: *stares at horizon* "Should I change file systems to something more modern? Can I just scrap that package and continue that process thru CLI instead? What FOSS equivalent to *program* has less dependencies?........."

It's been more than a few days since I've tooted. Work has been frantic and I have been tied up. Some cool news though; I got a great deal on a second hand 2017 HP 450 G3 laptop. 16 GB RAM and an i5-6200. It has an optical drive (storage opportunity), a HDD (SSD) bay, a 2280 m.2 slot and a WWAN slot which for me translates to m.2 2242 slot. I have loads of spare HDDs and SSDs so it may become my daily. Time to get an Arch ISO ready!

I have no formal background in computer related stuff. Everything I know, I learned from personal trial and error and have enjoyed it immensity. So, to continue on that road, I finally decided to teach myself . Here we go....

Thinking of starting a part time blog and have zero experience with these things. Could anyone give me pointers and starting points from a beginner's perspective?

Stepping back from my as it's doing my head in at the moment. I may need to get the package anyways as I am getting a lot of conflicts. I have now turned to jwm and am having some fun with it.

I love the book "Just for Fun, The Story of an Accidental Revolutionary". I know it's an older book but I really enjoyed reading it again as it still has relevance today.

Working hard configuring on my build. I love the freedom to create practically everything but I am getting frustrated with . My panels aren't displaying as I expected although my works like a charm. Onwards and upwards and all that....

Training day today so I go into work an hour later than usual. Well, so that means I stayed up an extra hour last night working on my FVWM config! For the win!

Moving files from Arch to my Android device. I found that the adb "push" and "pull" method from CLI was the fastest and most efficient way with no need for graphical tools.

Digging around archived directories and found old folders with build and iso files for MS-DOS, Windows 95, Windows 98 and 98SE, Windows NT, Windows 2K pro, Windows XP, Windows Vista, Windows 7, Windows 8 and 8.1. The older NT ones are probably corp builds and the 90's ones may have usable keys. I think the license keys on the newer ones may not work. I care not about MS anymore but it would be fun to boot from separate drive and have a bit of a hack into the old tech.

I inherited a Toshiba Satellite A200-27R. I put an old 500gb 7200rpm HDD in. It has 2GB RAM and it had Windows Vista Home Premium on it. It had 32-bit but mobo specs say it can take a 64-bit OS (would want to upgrade RAM though). I was thinking of putting Linux from Scratch on it as it supports 32-bit but also thought about Gentoo. What are everybody thoughts? Any other cool ideas for my new project?

Well, I finally did it! I bought a second Motorola Moto G7 Play so I had a backup phone. I unlocked the bootloader (no root). I installed LineageOS 17.1 (Channel), F-droid and Aurora with anonymous account (for those few apps I need from crappy google). After some configurations, tweaks and prods, I have it running perfectly! It's super fast and uses far less battery. I can finally get rid of my google account! This is a good day!

My 9-yr old daughter and me. We are messing around with Arch Linux and installing some packages to play old NES and SNES games. I have officially given her the helm to type in commands in pacman and she is picking it up rather quickly and nicely. I even showed her how to pull packages from the AUR and check the PKGBUILD and makepkg. She is very interested in it all and loves how I explain the "how" and "why" of things. She can't stop telling everyone what sudo means. I am a proud daddy!

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Guys, gals, them. Linux is about doing what you want.

Embrace it.

Don't judge.

Just rejoice that it's not Windows or MacOS.

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I blew the dust off an old Toshiba Satellite C660, i3 processor with Windows 7 Pro 64. I put a 120GB SSD and a 500GB 7200rpm HDD in it. Will put Vanilla Arch on SSD and use it as a tester for different WMs. What should I tinker with on the HDD? Looking for other Linux distros suggestions to have a play with.

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[Essay] The Silenced Majority, By Rana Dasgupta | Harper's Magazine

Can America still afford democracy?


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