So pleased with being able to watch YouTube walk/run videos with my new S45i treadmill in manual mode (taskbar launch DuckDuckGo browser to YouTube no subscription).

iSmoothRun measures quite accurate (learns), while Apple Watch is 1% high

Google engineer declared a LaMDA bot "self-aware".

My GoPiGo3 robot Carl is “self-aware” of:

- Vbatt
- charging status
- times battery recharged
- Docked?
- Time till recharge
- Processor Temp
- Clock Freq
- Processor Load
- Throttling Status
- Object near
- Pan/Tilt angles
- Heard “Hey Carl, command"
- Dist traveled
- Rotations
- Heading estimate
- Reach friend “Mac” over WiFi
- Memory Usage
- Batteries changed
- Last Playtime
- Last Charge Duration
- uptime
- Total "Life"

Not Sentient Yet

Finished investigation:

PiCamera Calibration (Python on RaspberryPi) and ArUco Marker Pose Estimation Test

What is it about "Research" folk that answer questions "You're asking the wrong question."

I found a nice python-statemachine package that allows very readable state machines which I need for my Brooks 84 Subsumption Architecture For Mobile Robots.

It even has a graph your FSM ability.

I asked the creators a question.

The answer: "this library [is for] static state-machine[s], ... [you want] ... a finite automata. [You might be able to do it, but it will require creativity.]

I did.

I have been "following" Rodney Brooks since "Subsumption Architecture For A Mobile Robot" 1984/85/86. My mobile robots have drawn heavily on that architecture and stayed closer to Braitenberg Vehicles [1984] than to anything that might be mistaken for artificial intelligence. When I saw the intense sensor suite of the car Rodney Brooks was about to enter, the thought came to mind "Wouldn't a human driver just be simpler?"

3/3 ...

The chocolate chips in the new cookies match the old cookies very closely, but the new cookie base is powdery, not crunchy like the prior, and the new cookie base tastes very slightly different - more like a sugar cookie than a traditional chocolate chip cookie.

Additionally, I noted the switch from "vegetable" oil to palm oil. I really do not wish to encourage any growth in palm oil use.

"New and improved" just doesn't satisfy this 69 year old guy. Thanks for listening.

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2/2 "New and Improved" ...

Even those stopped being available in a box, so I began buying boxes of qty. 42 2oz bags of Famous Amos Chocolate Chips UPC 076677100145.

Now as I am eating my last bag of those, and sampling the new Famous Amos Belgian Chocolate Bite Size, I can tell it is the end of my relationship with Famous Amos cookies.


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"New and Improved" - the slogan makes me cringe.

This is the note I just sent to Ferequity Inc., the latest player in the sad story of Wally Amos and the Famous Amos Cookies.
I have been eating Famous Amos **Pecan Chocolate Chip Bite Size** cookies forever, since before Famous Amos was bought by a list of new owners. Continuing until last year when all I could buy was non-pecan Famous Amos Chocolate Chip cookies.


"What's on your mind?"

and the exciting user manual at

HeatSink Case for lacking M2.5 HAT threads

So that I can finally mount a Pi4 on my and use the full processing power

for to implement and with method

under a cloud feeling is

Thank you @pimoroni
for sending this across the pond to USA.

The Heat Sink Case is a real charm: stress --cpu 3 (15min load ave 3.0) results in 60C processor temp. No temp throttling.

(The micro sdCard included in the kit is not a screamer but it passed .)

Eager to see what this does for my frame rate.

Been attacking for the last two years with testing 1hr after meals, and tracking what foods cause me to bust a "1hr 140 mg/dL goal".

It has been a challenge to maintain a minimum weight after eliminating regular bread, and limiting carb portions.

My regular :

eGPU fixed today!

( with 8GB power supply probably died from 4 years of dust accumulation)

Major surgery to replace burned out 350W power supply with physically larger 550W supply was a success.

on does 4K photorealistic scenery at 25FPS


Which one should I follow? (Your company has three possible accounts. )

Luxonis | Embedded Spatial AI + CV

Luxonis | Embedded Spatial AI + CV

Luxonis | Embedded Spatial AI + CV

Here: bc sw engr I respect joined .

Retired SW Engr: Speech Reco, IVR, , EW

- See|hear my do what I figured out how to program
- Help new robot programmers
- New life
- Creating videos, photos
- roads or trails
- Slow (2x week)
- Vanilla icecream, Pizza, Tacos

Turnoffs: Politics Religion Greed DrugAds

Dream: Build Self Autonomous General Intelligent Robot

In my film camera days ('70s), every film had a "color personality". Fuji was vivid, Kodak more subtle, and then it mattered negative or slide film. Color accuracy was a dream sniffing chemicals in a dark room.

I find it interesting that 50 years later with prosumer digital cameras in the $3000 to $5000 range, that color accuracy is still a figment of my imagination.


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