@tblock I plan to change distros this weekend, so I was wondering what is the best way to save my tblock config, or at least save the lists I'm using. I was thinking maybe to run a "tblock -L > lists.txt", and then in the new distro, copy and paste the list names and just run something like "tblock -S list1 list2 ...". Is there an easier way, or it's the way to go?

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I have a mechanical keyboard, it’s 99% perfect, and I love it …

But …

That FREAKING logo on the super key bothers me more than it should… absolutely proprietary.


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Yes, yes ... they will definitely delete it, and of course, they won't use it to identify anyone ...

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"Introducing New Ways to Verify Age on Instagram"

... or aka "Introducing new creepy ways to gather your facial recognition data and ID card pictures ... for ... security reasons, of course."

🔗 : about.instagram.com/blog/annou

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Thinking about to create a profile to just mirror my posts there.

Most of people here that interact with my posts already took good measures about it, like using , being on , using software etc … I want to do my part and try to impact people that don’t care about it, so I think I need to also spread this message where it needs the most.

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With a hoodie and messy hair, with a face of someone who haven't had enough coffee yet ... basically me.

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Ok, finally my Edifier Bluetooth speakers are working in , that was the last thing I had to fix, I’ll probably daily driver this now, I’m really impressed by its speed, coming from I see a big difference, probably the and the is playing a role here I guess.

Installing now, giving it a second chance, my first try some months ago I could not make Bluetooth work, let’s see today.

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If you like and wants a login-free alternative to listen to , this website plays it using Invidious instances with a similar Spotify UI

🔗 : spotfy.one/

I just got an email from my saying that I have passed all the subjects and the final project was approved ... and next month is the party :ablobcatrainbow:

Best part of all: 0 :ablobcatrainbow: :ablobcatrainbow:

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