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So I picked up a CD of Seal II while thrifting today and I gotta say it kinda slaps. I know Kiss From a Rose is a meme, but the whole album is actually pretty dang good.

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Finally deleted my reddit account today, thanks to Stealth on F-Droid. Happy to finally be free of another service that sells my data. Next up, Google.

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You're not a bad person for liking things that are proprietary. You are not immoral for enjoying things that were made behind closed doors. You are not less of a person for having the desire for XYZ product from a premium company, regardless of whether they contribute to open source or not.

Since Fosstodon is mostly for software related discussion I'll be moving most of my farm posts to pixelfed at If you wanna see my ventures farming please say hi cause I want some people to follow there!

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A world made of #FreeSoftware is possible. A world without is not.

We thank all the #FOSS contributors that power the world around us, we thank you for fixing bugs, building and testing features and writing translations.

Free Software is the future, and we are proud to empower its #development.

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Just poked around with the new spaces beta feature in matrix/element and I gotta say its decent. I think it's less intuitive than say discord but it integrates seamlessly with the rest of matrix so maybe being different is good. Excited to see how it shapes up and if I can convince my friends to make the switch :blobcatthonking:

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i'm here on the timeline of mastodon dot social, a federated, decentralized social media platform

Big thanks to @preflex and @urusan for the advice on my code. People like y'all are the reason I love open source.

Code is here for anyone interested,

Bad Code 

Now I'm no professional programmer but even I know that this code I wrote is rough. But it works so ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

With final grades posted I can now officially say I have a Bachelor of Science in Cyber Security. Didn't plan on my college education being interrupted by a pandemic but I made it nonetheless.

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This should be eye opening to everyone that was discussing with me claiming that bitcoin mining is using mainly renewable energy.

Just got my first Covid shot. Super exciting and kind of nerve wracking. Any tips on how to install Linux on this bad boy 🤔

Looks like most of the garden survived the snow. Except the basil which looks like it's been rotting for a month, guess that's what happens when all your cells burst from the inside.

It should be noted the issue the original toot was about turned out to be me trying to use reverse tcp shellcode when I wanted to use bind tcp shellcode. Not my proudest moment.

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How is generating payloads that actually work the hardest part of exploitation. Like I can buffer overflow and control EIP like nobodies business but a single bad character? Good luck finding it bucko.

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