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Might as well do a re- since there are so many new people here.

I'm Colin. Used to work on an organic veggie farm, now work in cyber security. I love growing sustainable food and communities. Live in and so I love all things maple.

I'm somewhat quiet on here in terms of posting but I'm on here everyday, even if I don't post.

My interests include:

In other news holy shit buffered write is so much more efficient than whatever jank I was using earlier

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Finally got my first Go program to a state I feel comfortable having it public.

Introducing GoGo Wordlist Permutator (GGWP). An RSMangler inspired wordlist mangler utility written in Go.

It's kinda rough but I just picked up Go yesterday so that's to be expected.

I gotta say. Coming from Python, Go is a pretty dang nice language to learn.

As much as I want to like Rust I just can't wrap my brain around it. But I really want to learn a programming language that isn't Python because I like having my programs be reproducible and fast ya know. I've heard good things about Go but I worry it may be too hard for my dumb script kiddie brain.

I also just wish I actually had time at my job for professional development cause I want to have time to learn shit like this man. But my brain too tired after work to learn, too much wineventlog

So I saw a low effort password spray bot attempt to auth to the user "bitwarden" yesterday at one of my clients, which means two things.

1. Bitwarden is now popular enough that threat actors are targeting it.

2. For the love of god if you self host Bitwarden change the default passwords.

I remember in school learning about subnetting and how many different types there were and calculating the ideal subnet mask for the amount of hosts on the network to optimize the IP assignments as much as possible.

Then I get into the real world and everyone just uses /16 and /24

Managed to bork my GRUB earlier today when installing linux-lts on my machine. Managed to get it back after a chroot or two, and now I can play Kitten Burst without that pesky 5.19 AMD GPU crash :ablobcatrainbow:

A guy let me explain the fediverse to him on the third date AND he seemed genuinely interested, so I'm gonna be riding that high for like a week here.

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I find it amusing when I tell people I have an MP3 player to listen to all my music and they don't believe me. Like why would I lie about that man, shit's got a headphone jack why wouldn't I have one

Nothing quite like ordering something and seeing, "Estimated delivery time: November 9th - December 23rd" Curse artisans with their beautiful handmade items teaching me the meaning of patience

Paraphrased from a conversation at lunch today,

"Washington State could never ban being trans, they'd lose all their programmers"

I have decided to buy expensive thing. However I'm going to wait two days because September is a three paycheck month for me which means my finances won't look as bad as a normal two paycheck month lol

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The worst part about being in an office with all guys is nobody noticed my cute new earrings. Or if they did nobody said anything...

Ya know usually when I mull over an expensive purchase I sleep on it at least once to make sure. Thing is I can't because I can't fall asleep, I'm too busy thinking about it.

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The constant internal battle between

"Fuck it life is short buy that expensive thing"


"Be responsible and save as much money as possible."

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Fun unknown fact, when you pick up a stud finder you are legally obligated to put it up to yourself and start beeping.

Failure to do so? Straight to jail

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