Looks like most of the garden survived the snow. Except the basil which looks like it's been rotting for a month, guess that's what happens when all your cells burst from the inside.

It should be noted the issue the original toot was about turned out to be me trying to use reverse tcp shellcode when I wanted to use bind tcp shellcode. Not my proudest moment.

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How is generating payloads that actually work the hardest part of exploitation. Like I can buffer overflow and control EIP like nobodies business but a single bad character? Good luck finding it bucko.

Gotta say, loving Metro Exodus now that it's on linux. But god damn that memory leak bug is annoying. Having to regularly restart my game kinda messes with the flow. At least I managed to make it less annoying by making my swap 8GB. Hopefully the devs fix that soon...

Felt motivated to make a blog post, just some musing about the ideas I have but lack the skill to do.


Just disabled on my website cause you have to opt out and not opt in. That's some scummy shit there Google, but I guess it's on brand for them.

My website now has https! Surprisingly easy with certbot to be honest.

With all the recent news about and I've started looking into selfhosting a Matrix server for friends and family. I think I might be in a bit over my head but you don't learn if you don't try.

Gotta say, has been pretty nice to work with so far. Pretty painless transition from CentOS. Wonder if I should switch all of my homelab servers 🤔

Just started experimenting with being a zoomer this is all new to me. I kind of love it for the simplicity and customization. Weird to think how this is how instant messaging really started, kind of something we take for granted nowadays.


Just read this super cute comic on r/bisexual and now I'm sad and lonely. Here's hoping vaccine rollout continues smoothly so I can feel comfortable trying to date again.

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We had a year to design a fair rollout of vaccine appointments and we just didn't even try. This is where ethics in tech comes in. This is why we need to train us all to ask from day one "how do we make sure everybody has access?" That didn't happen anywhere, as far as I can tell, and everywhere you look, vax access reflects the same patterns of privilege as every other precious thing in our society. It's a huge failure for tech ethics.

With it being today let me shill one of my good friend's new album. Super great chill for anyone interested.


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The best description I've read about / is from @Matter, who described them as:

"A pyramid scheme masquerading as a decentralized system while really being centralized."

Honestly, shoutout to Craigslist for not being fully of tracking garbage and being FOSS friendly. Too bad more people don't use it.

And after an hour and a half on hold my problem was fixed in 2 minutes. I guess I'm glad it wasn't painful

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Officially 1 hour on hold with the Let's see if I can hit two...

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