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Might as well do a re- since there are so many new people here.

I'm Colin. Used to work on an organic veggie farm, now work in cyber security. I love growing sustainable food and communities. Live in and so I love all things maple.

I'm somewhat quiet on here in terms of posting but I'm on here everyday, even if I don't post.

My interests include:


Hahahahaha fuck. We're totally screwed.

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Went strawberry picking on my day off. Forgot how fun it was to pick strawberries for just yourself.
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Who lives in Vermont and can tell me a good place to live? I’m a trans disabled author of m/m romance. He’s a queer director with S&P. We’re looking for a forever home with our 7 cats and husky. We’re Gen X progressives trying to escape Texas. I need gender affirming care and a good vet. Where would be a good place for us?


I've started dreaming in Splunk Query Language... :blobcatderpy:

You know what I appreciate about mastodon. That I naturally wean on and off of it depending on how busy my life is or how much social energy I have. I have never felt like I need to always be around and interacting with people and that's awesome.


Amidst all that's happening here in the states I've been seeing a lot more rumblings online about a possibly violent future for us. I wonder how bad it will have to get before the American refugee crisis starts... Or if other countries will even accept those of us who want out of this place...

With the rise of economic insecurity here in the states, and bribery based APTs like Lapsus$, I wouldn't be surprised if we started seeing bigger name companies be breached. All it takes is one employee with decent access who really needs the cash these groups offer. They already got to some Microsoft stuff, just a matter of time before the rest of GAFAM gets popped.

I hate when clients are jerks on tickets. Like I'm sorry it was false positive I have limited visibility into your environment. I'm doing my best with the info YOU give me.

Do people not haggle at garage sales anymore? Or is that just a white suburbia thing that I'm experiencing rn.

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NotJustBikes just released a fantastic video that introduces people to the problem of car dependency and modern suburbia.

The Orange Pill - Your City Will Be Changed Forever

My Memorial Day vacation was a bit different than most peoples'

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Is it weird to say that I think some of my favorite guitar pieces ever are Interconnectedness and The Instar Emergence from the Cicada 3301 ARG thing?

Like there is something so captivating about them that I feel as though I have never heard anywhere else and I can't quite explain why. Maybe it's just the surrounding lore around them clouding my judgement. But I remember first hearing the songs before knowing what 3301 was all about and having the same feeling.

“I know writers who use subtext and they’re all cowards.” –Garth Marenghi, Author. Dreamweaver. Visionary. Plus actor.

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