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I've been on v100 for a couple of days now, and I should say there are two good things about:

1. It didn't get worse in terms of CPU and RAM usage, UI/UX, add-on support (not a very high bar!)

2. The scroll bar is so damn slick and amazingly out of the way. It is there when you need/want it, and it is out of your way when you don't.

I wish Mozilla was working more making FF customizable instead of the "my way or highway" Gnome style 🙄

@Gina @sotolf when it comes to running, consistency is key I think. Even a short run will do, much much better than no run at all. Keeps the blood flowing :)

I wonder how the heck GoDaddy can fit that many trackers in one page.

@joel @kev these are decent proposals. Maybe something for Tutanota to consider. Too bad ProtonMail is not into Mastodon any more.

@ru I am also using Kagi for the last week or so and it looks really promising. Let's see what will be their pricing model once they go out of beta. I've seen good reviews on Brave search, but I have no personal experience.

@joel I totally agree with @kev. Email is inherently insecure. Even using services such as as ProtonMail or Tutanota, to achieve the advertised security implies that both the sender and the receiver must use the same platform. In my view, its better to use normal IMAP and use different means for transferring sensitive information.

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@Mehrad Mostly nay. The fact that these terms are not applicable to humans does not mean that they cannot be used for inanimate things like git branches or hard disks... It looks like we are avoiding the real problems behind those terms when it comes to people, and scrutinize the irrelevant usages.

After one week of using as my search provided, I am very happy with the results and the overall experience. I get good quality relevant results and haven't needed to search elsewhere yet.
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@fribbledom it's just energy to get you through the day, that tastes good :)

@cedric go on, it proved really easy thanks to the work of @mattj and the Snikket team.

@cedric Since this morning I have my own XMPP instance (Snikket) :) Is this a DIY trend?

@mattj @Mehrad

just FYI, the Snikket server installation was really smooth on a small VPS. The process with docker was straightforward, the certs were issued without any issues. The instance is the Excellent work @mattj!!

@Mehrad, being a vegan for the last 20+ years, I have tried almost everything in the market. Regarding milk replacement for coffee i have settled with pea-based milk. This one suits me best.

@mattj @Mehrad

Hopefully in the following days I'll find the time to spawn a Snikket instance to tryout both the client and the server. Thanks for the insights.

Thanks @Aman9das @hund @Mehrad

Regarding Snikket, I suppose that it works best (if not only) with the Snikket server. In this case it would be best to self host a Snikket server. I guess it federates with other non-Snikket XMPP servers.

For those that use , are you aware of any decent clients for ?

@twoft I use them both. Besides privacy, it's the bias that bothers me. I like to choose for myself. One day the search engine decides to demote that kind of content and promote that other kind. I believe that DDG also entered that game.

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