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Regarding Snikket, I suppose that it works best (if not only) with the Snikket server. In this case it would be best to self host a Snikket server. I guess it federates with other non-Snikket XMPP servers.

I unfortunately never find the chance to try Snikket despite of asking them for a temp account back when they were providing those for testing. It is in my plans though to spawn an instance and test it for a week, but haven't had the free time yet.

Xmpp is cool and all, but there are many reports that encryptions on xmpp are not airtight. From top of my head, one case was reported here:

@Aman9das @hund

@Mehrad @cvog @Aman9das It doesn't mention anywhere that XMPP is insecure in your source.

@hund @cvog @Aman9das it does. The guy says something like: although he was using encryption, FBI had everything since the beginning of my chat.

He also name the encryption he was using but I don't remember the name, but I remember that it was not OMEMO.

@Mehrad @cvog @Aman9das It was OTR. It's the same encryption that Signal is based on.

Encryptions doesn't magically makes things ineccab inaccessible for anyone. There's still a billion other ways for them to get hands on the information, no matter what hardcore super duper encryption you have.

@cvog @Aman9das @Mehrad Snikket is plain XMPP. You just get served everything on a silver plate.

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