For those that use , are you aware of any decent clients for ?

@cvog monal and astrachat are popular as far as I know..

@cvog no decent client. All are very very feature lacking, but I suggest using Siskin IM and (only works with Snikket instaces though afaik)

There's no difference in server compatibility between Siskin and Snikket. They both require features for reliable push notifications that are not available on most servers (except Tigase servers, Snikket instances and specially-configured Prosody servers).

If unsure, Monal is typically a better choice as it's compatible with all modern servers, though it currently has fewer features.

@mattj @Mehrad

Hopefully in the following days I'll find the time to spawn a Snikket instance to tryout both the client and the server. Thanks for the insights.

@mattj @Mehrad

just FYI, the Snikket server installation was really smooth on a small VPS. The process with docker was straightforward, the certs were issued without any issues. The instance is the Excellent work @mattj!!

@mattj @cvog

I just tried to use Snikket to login with my Snopyta account and it worked, but I'm 100% sure that it wasn't letting me to do this about a year ago. So thanks for correcting/updating my statement.

Now that I can see the UI of Snikket, I can confirm that it is more or less a fork of Siskin (at least in terms of UI). So I'll be deleting Snikket from my phone as it is practically a duplicate.

Yep, if you have an existing XMPP client/server you are happy with then Snikket is not really going to add much. We're intentionally not trying to reinvent or replace stuff that already exists. Everything gets pushed to upstream projects whenever that is feasible and makes sense.

Snikket shines when you want to easily invite a group of non-technical people to a private server, or just set up a small personal server with minimal effort.

@mattj @Mehrad @cvog Is there some kind guide to setup MUC push notifications for Siskin users? I run Prosody 0.12 and have enabled mod_cloud_notify, mod_cloud_notify_extensions and mod_muc_offline_delivery but no push notifications for iOS users yet.

@cvog we just released monal 5.1, if you want to give it a try

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