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Most controversial opinion: The GBA translation of Final Fantasy VI is better than the SNES translation.

I don't know who needs to hear this, but

Sword Art Online but all the players are just NFT avatars getting right-clicked and saved to death.

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i gave openais dalle the start to the GNU/Linux copypasta, i love this LMAO

Unexpected bonus of - after 32 years of thinking primarily in Imperial units, with only a half-dozen months of 3D printing under my belt, I find myself much more "fluent" in metric units for length. Larger measurements are still tough for me to visualize, but for small objects I can give rough size estimates in mm or cm without having to think about the conversion anymore.

I've been having fun with this PC port. The frame interpolation is still a work in progress; a few things aren't interpolated at all, and sometimes you see incorrect interpolation when objects teleport from one location to another. But otherwise it works great, and I don't think playing the game at 60fps looks "wrong" at all.

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I started this randomizer seed a million years ago, but only just now finished it to pay off this joke.

Controversial opinion: The Ocarina of Time Triforce% TAS at SGDQ was fine, and if they made any mistake in their approach, it was only in assuming an unrealistic level of critical thinking skills in their audience.

I've been getting into Ocarina of Time randomizer, so I bought a popular third-party controller with an N64 button layout because (because just holding an N64 controller gives me horrible RSI).
I can't use it because when I plug it into my Linux laptop, it sends garbage in an attempt to "guess" what OS I'm using, decides I must be running some kind of Android, and maps the Start button to XF86HomePage... for some reason.

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Today, like every day before it, is a great day to remind people that USB has a standard and objectively correct way for a game controller to identify how many different controls it has of which types. You should be able to plug a controller into any computer running any operating system and have it work automatically. You can't because companies that make consoles don't want to use those standards, not because the standards don't exist.

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We have been conditioned by corporate news media and proprietary social media to react and comment to every sensational headline, every controversial news story immediately. Outrage boosts engagement, which brings in more money for these companies. Don’t play their game. And don’t feel like you have to do that here in the . Sometimes - I daresay most of the time - the best thing to do is take time to process, understand, learn, and think before you say anything.

Neon White looks like Killer 7 after starting Lexapro.

Sharing something I did a while ago to work on my pixel art: A set of Riichi Mahjong tiles, in both 15×21 and 30×41. I'm especially happy happy with how the calligraphy turned out, though I think the 15×21 green dragon could be better.

I don't know why decided it needed to convert the WAV files from the disc into FLAC and make them into the header, but I'm glad it did. The world should know the raw energy of victory.wav.

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