🚀 Yesterday version 3.34 of CubicWeb has been released !

Take a look at the release notes ( forge.extranet.logilab.fr/cubi) and have fun ! 🥳

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My colleages at @logilab ( 🗣️ @nchauvat @Murloc and @ethieblin) will be presenting a talk about @cubicweb at "SWIB21 Online Conference - 13th Semantic Web in Libraries Conference" on the 1st of December 2021

> CubicWeb, the Semantic Content Management System


#semanticweb #swib #swib21 #libraries

🚀 In August version 3.33 has been released !

Can't wait for the blog post ? Check out the release notes : cubicweb.readthedocs.io/en/def

🔒 Security, breaking changes
🎉 New features, nicer tracebacks, debug options
👷 Bug fixes, rdflib dependencies
🤖 CI use images from heptapod
🧹 remove support for MySQL & SQLServer

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🚀 Version 3.32 has been released !

Can't wait for the blog post ? Check out the release notes : forge.extranet.logilab.fr/cubi

🔒 Security, breaking changes
🚧 Other breaking changes
🎉 New features
👷 Bug fixes
🤷 Various changes
🤖 Continuous integration
📋 Developer experience

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Présentations du vendredi #logilabcafé #5mintalk à @logilab :

🗣️ Francois nous a présenté comme utiliser les tween pyramid pour faire des middleware qui ajoutent des logs des performances dans @cubicweb
🗣️ @nchauvat nous a présenté le cubes prometheus forge.extranet.logilab.fr/cubi pour CubicWeb qui utilise les "Debug Channels" cubicweb.readthedocs.io/en/def

#python #pyramid #cubicweb #performance #tracing #metrics #prometheus

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I'm playing with the python rich module and am really in love with it, I think I'm going to force it on every project I'm involved in to get better error messages and a bunch of other cool things (it provides so much stuff it's awesome)


CubicWeb Monthly news April 2021

📦 New releases of CubicWeb (3.31), RQL (0.37) and logilab-database (1.18)
🐍 Adding python types to RQL
⬆️ ⬇️ more options to sort in RQL
🚀 Nice release notes in @heptapod


CubicWeb Monthly news february/march 2021

🚀 CubicWeb 3.30 is out!
🐍 Adding python types to RQL
🧰 Separate Back and Front, with CwClientLibJS, react-admin-cubicweb
🤖 Release-new automation for releases with "conventional commits"
🐳 simpler generation of Docker images


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Présentations du vendredi #logilabcafé #5mintalk

🗣️ présentation de l'usage de react-admin marmelab.com/react-admin/ avec @cubicweb forge.extranet.logilab.fr/cubi

🗣️ présentation de l'onboarding d'une nouvelle personne sur un de nos gros projets clients

#react #cubicweb #typescript #materialui

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Présentations du vendredi #logilabcafé #5mintalk

🗣️ Présentation de Fabien & Laetitia sur le prochain hackathon interne et sa nouvelle organisation
🗣️ Présentation de Fabien de la version 3.30 de @cubicweb
🗣️ Introduction à la radio amateur par Guillaume

#organisation #cubicweb #gnuradio

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CubicWeb Monthly news january 2021

📆 Rotating the coordinator of the month
📌 New kanban boards
🔧 Using @heptapod as a forge
👥 Weekly meetings
🚀 Separate Back & Front cwclientlibjs/cwelements
📖 Documentation rework


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Report : cubicweb.org/blogentry/1732274

🚀 Version 3.28-rc1 is on its way!
📦 more discussions on semver usage, on dependencies and cubes
📰 changelogs are now a maintained thing
☠️ improved new cube skeleton

Report : cubicweb.org/17317952

🐍 more types introduced
📚 more readthedocs automation for CubicWeb dependencies
💯 discussions about semantic versionning
💚 more tests and continuous integration

New community meeting :

💬 some tickets have been migrated to our @heptapod forge.extranet.logilab.fr/cubi
➡️ milestones were created forge.extranet.logilab.fr/cubi
📋 an issue board forge.extranet.logilab.fr/cubi
🔴 tests are failling since new dependency releases, fixes in the works
🖇️ dependency tests trigger CubicWeb tests to identify potential problems when libraries are released to pypi
📖 documentation is automatically published to readthedocs
📆 next up : release candidate for 3.28


A roadmap to Cubicweb 3.28 (and beyond) cubicweb.org/blogentry/1731007

With :

🌐 content-negotiation for RDF
💚 continuous integration on @heptapod
📦 docker images
:python: paint it black
💬 community chat on @matrix hosted at @logilab
👥 weekly remote meetings (tuesday)

Congrats to @schabot @Murloc @Henri @bram and Élodie for pushing this forward

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