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CubicWeb Monthly news january 2021

📆 Rotating the coordinator of the month
📌 New kanban boards
🔧 Using @heptapod as a forge
👥 Weekly meetings
🚀 Separate Back & Front cwclientlibjs/cwelements
📖 Documentation rework

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Report :

🚀 Version 3.28-rc1 is on its way!
📦 more discussions on semver usage, on dependencies and cubes
📰 changelogs are now a maintained thing
☠️ improved new cube skeleton

Report :

🐍 more types introduced
📚 more readthedocs automation for CubicWeb dependencies
💯 discussions about semantic versionning
💚 more tests and continuous integration

New community meeting :

💬 some tickets have been migrated to our @heptapod
➡️ milestones were created
📋 an issue board
🔴 tests are failling since new dependency releases, fixes in the works
🖇️ dependency tests trigger CubicWeb tests to identify potential problems when libraries are released to pypi
📖 documentation is automatically published to readthedocs
📆 next up : release candidate for 3.28

A roadmap to Cubicweb 3.28 (and beyond)

With :

🌐 content-negotiation for RDF
💚 continuous integration on @heptapod
📦 docker images
:python: paint it black
💬 community chat on @matrix hosted at @logilab
👥 weekly remote meetings (tuesday)

Congrats to @schabot @Murloc @Henri @bram and Élodie for pushing this forward

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And pyramid debugtoolbar intergration 😋 #CubicWeb

Next steps: explore those ideas:

- have a panel for all called rules during a page rendering
- have a panel from the autoforms perspectives? Like "I've generated all those fields like that because of this"
- display all stored rules?

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Présentations du logilab-café du vendredi (#5mintalk) :

* @ogiorgis nous a présenté une personnalisation d'un jupyterhub avec binder et voilà pour une projet client
* @Murloc nous a présenté RqlBrowser une application React pour générer du RQL dynamiquement et en interactif à partir d'un site CubicWeb

#jupyterhub #binder #voila #rql #react #cubicweb

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Présentations internes du vendredi à @logilab :

🗣️ Elodie a présenté une démo faite pour un client avec site statique généré à partir de données web semantique et gatsby
🗣️ Fabien @Murloc a présenté cubicweb-appjs :cubicweb: meets reactjs

#python #semweb #react #cubicweb #gatsby


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