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Remember kids:

Not only does the 'S' in IoT stands for security, the 'U' also stands for user empowerment.

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Happy Pride Month, Fediverse!

Let's celebrate love in all its forms and renew our commitment to the fight for equality for all. #PrideMonth

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Looking at prefabs to move on to the property today, this old farm house has been more trouble than it’s worth

I might cry if after all this I can’t unlock my bootloader

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If you're a developer, there are lots of #Fediverse platforms which you can help out on:

BookWyrm (Goodreads alternative)

Funkwhale (Music, Podcasts and Audio)

Lemmy (Reddit alternative)

Mastodon (Twitter alternative)

PeerTube (YouTube alternative)

PixelFed (Instagram alternative)

Write Freely (Medium alternative)


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DeepL is a great (German!) alternative to Google Translate. They just added support for 13 new European languages! 👏


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Happy trans visibility day.

To my trans friends and family, we love you and recognize you as vibrant and an essential part of our community.

I see you.

Finally able to move our organization forward! Working on a partnership to offer free technical certification training to our patrons

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Apple users, do you use safari or something else? Asking for a friend (it’s me, I’m the friend)

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mention of COVID (but also 3D printing) 

I should really clean my printer. 80 COVID headband pieces in PETG was not kind to my nozzle

Finally back to printing after a million month hiatus 🚢

Causally replacing all the floors in my house

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