How to be like the Crystal Linux team in 4 easy steps
1. Marry Wayland
2. Fall in love with @FlatpakApps
3. Shill rust
4. Simp for

Just decided to take a drive and get rid of Windows on my laptop to use @crystal_linux full-time, and damn is it awesome, for those who don't know, Crystal is an Arch based distro using a modified Gnome session that I consider more suitable for the desktop, I really can't wait to see this grow, as it really has potential

Glad to announce the Crystal Linux design team has officially moved over to @penpotapp !! A great alternative for figma ❤️

Did some benchmarks with the @crystal_linux project's AUR helper, Amethyst v4. Each test was done in its own Distrobox container.

Discovered @crystal_linux (Crystal Linux). Seems like a very interesting #Arch based #Linux distribution. Still in beta, but already looks pretty sweet. First release should be by the end of the year. 🤓

#CrystalLinux #OpenSource #FOSS

Amethyst v4.0.0 is out!!!!
With this update, you should see:
- More efficient dependency resolution
- Parallel AUR package building
- Fuzzy search for the AUR and repositories
- Many, many more improvements!!!!

Full changelog here!

What's the first thing you do after installing a new distro?

Also, what would you expect to see in a welcome app?

HEY PEOPLE! If you want to try out Crystal (at least the current ISO) make sure to have some spare time for troubleshooting! There are several issues we are aware of (, we are working hard to have all of them fixed by the time we release a stable ISO!🤗

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