I couldnt find anything similar, even after tooting about it in January: fosstodon.org/@cryptoboid/1055

Boosts appreciated! 😬

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I'm building a Google Photos alternative, where the photos get classified for easy access but they never leave the device! I'm using Expo and would love to get some suggestions (and help!)


Has anyone heard about gun.eco/ ? They claim to be a js library for decentralized, real-time databases using webrtc. Seems a bit buzzwordy, but a cool concept. Is this the only library for something like this?

Looking for a recommendation. I'm looking for an Android photo gallery that can auto-classify pictures, similar to how Google Photos categorizes stuff in pets/people/places/etc.

I'm not interested in auto backup or online services, just an offline gallery. I imagine that with today's pretained models it's something possible. If it doesn't exist maybe it's a good project :)

So, I've got a question about servers. I've registered a domain at my local NIC, and now I want to create a custom email domain.

Most email servers give you a free account under their domain, like name@protonmail.com. Is there any server that lets you place a custom domain for free? I know about Zoho, but that has some limitations, and Protonmail offers a paid service. I have my local domain using Cloudflare as DNS btw


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