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Calibre 4.0 - an excellent ebook reader for Linux!

The development is taking off; adding new ebook viewer.

Calibre is and ebook reader or viewer, an ebook manager, an ebook converter & a general cross-platform do-all-the-things utility, ticking pretty much all boxes now.


Hey folks! Does somebody know some mastodon desktop client using qt, and as a plus, that uses kde and can be routed through tor? The qt desktop apps that I found are not being maintained anymore, and before somebody suggest, I don't want to touch electron.

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The Authoritarian’s Worst Fear? A Book

Governments are spending a remarkable amount of resources attacking books — because their supposed limitations are beginning to look like ageless strengths.

#Books #BookNews

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Thinking about taking Katelyn Bowden’s OSINT class on November 5th. She’s kind of awesome at this, and the price is pretty good.

@hund Kono store has whitefox (and the nightfox) kits available . Do you think it’s hard to be assembled (with the soldering and whatnot) or it is not that big a deal? I can read the guide fine, but since you did this before several times ... I would like to know what you think.

@hund have you ever heard of the crtl keyboard (and it's alt smaller sibling)? uses qmk, is hot swappable and seems solid. It's more to the expensive side though

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I'm not sure "Zen" is the word I'd use to describe it, but I could be wrong....

"The Zen Of Mechanical Keyboard Wiring | Hackaday"

@hund second try: 60% layout, using qmk, and can be a kit that I assemble myself. Does anything come to your mind right away?

Hey @hund ! I'm finally doing my homework in mechanical keyboards, and maybe now it's time to start bugging you. So, what I have in mind, still vaguely, is a tenkeyless, mx brows with open source firmware. My main uses are writing code and some general writing, and I may create some macros for . It will be my first , so I am willing to try things out. Do you have something in mind, some question for me or maybe some links?

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Hey @kelbot how is it going with the t470? Did you buy one, right?

@sean @iah @hund

After some trouble with encryption hooks and waiting a little while applied the raid 0 and rebalanced the ssds, I finally was able to reboot the new system! Now I am using a raid 0 for data, raid 1 for metadata, fully encrypted in btrfs!

The difference in performance is significant: the system feels much more snappier, and now I also have almost double the space. Couldn't be happier, and this kind off experiment only streghten my love for !

Fancy . I found out that my battle-tested dell e6440 has a msata slot. I bought a pretty cheap msata ssd to finally try out raid capabilities of btrfs.

Since my other ssd is encrypted, I had to encrypt the new ssd as well, as change my bootloader from syslinux to grub (seems that syslinux doesn't support booting in a raid 0 root partition). I also used the opportunity to encrypt my /boot partition, now the system is all closed down.

@sean @iah @hund

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I am still on wayland (sway). It has been great really. Granted I don't have any weird or niche application needs and that I favor command line tools probably helps me avoid a lot of possible rough spots without knowing it. Still, it is solid and ready for daily use in my opinion at least for a significant number of people without complicated needs.

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Soon I'll receive a msata ssd, and I will try online management in , simply adding this other disk to my btrfs pool and put it to work on some kind of raid (thinking of raid 0 for data and raid 1 for metadata). Time to do some fancy stuff with free software!

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Sway + waybar + firefox + sakura. Pure, clean, simple wayland goodness. I may tweak my UI colors a little bit and be done for a bit.

@kelbot or anyone who wants to give $0.02: Did you use in the last 2-3 years, with this new /#zen+/#zen2 architecture? If so, did you like the support for your gnu/linux flavor? I am out for some 10 years of the desktop market, but recently read about Ryzen 3000 and was told that amd has good support for linux (of course, good support for me is free software drivers at least), and I want to know the experience of somebody here.

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