Hey @kelbot how is it going with the t470? Did you buy one, right?

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After some trouble with encryption hooks and waiting a little while applied the raid 0 and rebalanced the ssds, I finally was able to reboot the new system! Now I am using a raid 0 for data, raid 1 for metadata, fully encrypted in btrfs!

The difference in performance is significant: the system feels much more snappier, and now I also have almost double the space. Couldn't be happier, and this kind off experiment only streghten my love for !

Fancy . I found out that my battle-tested dell e6440 has a msata slot. I bought a pretty cheap msata ssd to finally try out raid capabilities of btrfs.

Since my other ssd is encrypted, I had to encrypt the new ssd as well, as change my bootloader from syslinux to grub (seems that syslinux doesn't support booting in a raid 0 root partition). I also used the opportunity to encrypt my /boot partition, now the system is all closed down.

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I am still on wayland (sway). It has been great really. Granted I don't have any weird or niche application needs and that I favor command line tools probably helps me avoid a lot of possible rough spots without knowing it. Still, it is solid and ready for daily use in my opinion at least for a significant number of people without complicated needs.

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Soon I'll receive a msata ssd, and I will try online management in , simply adding this other disk to my btrfs pool and put it to work on some kind of raid (thinking of raid 0 for data and raid 1 for metadata). Time to do some fancy stuff with free software!

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Sway + waybar + firefox + sakura. Pure, clean, simple wayland goodness. I may tweak my UI colors a little bit and be done for a bit.

@kelbot or anyone who wants to give $0.02: Did you use in the last 2-3 years, with this new /#zen+/#zen2 architecture? If so, did you like the support for your gnu/linux flavor? I am out for some 10 years of the desktop market, but recently read about Ryzen 3000 and was told that amd has good support for linux (of course, good support for me is free software drivers at least), and I want to know the experience of somebody here.

After almost two years of , today it was the first time that I exceeded myself and broke it! So, I had to rollback the "/" subvolume from a backup. I used send receive, deleted the damaged subvolume and create a new one in place using the backed up snapshop (2 lines in my terminal). Done! System is fully functional again, amazing! I should explore more. FIY, @iah, hope you get along well with btrfs ...

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Free as in freedom[1] is a netcast by two people from the Software Freedom Conservancy[2]. I found out about it today and the content has been enjoyable and interesting so far. :)

1. faif.us
2. sfconservancy.org

#FreeSoftware #FreeCulture #Netcasts

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"A lot of developers have been spoon fed everything, and have no framework for realizing that they don't need the pneumatic nail gun for every problem. A hammer is often better, but they've only ever been shown the nail gun."

- grayhatter on IRC

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I don't care how long its been around. Solar panels are fascinating and magical. I charged my ereader and odroid go with a small inexpensive panel while I went for a nice walk. That's so cool.

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Someone asked me why aerc is has taken two years to write given that it's not that much code (~6,000 lines)

1. It's actually 3 years old
2. Good software takes a long time to make in your spare time
3. I have like 100 other projects to work on, too

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Hi my names chuck @ the linux lab. I wrote about only BSD's last year.

I have no idea why any of you listen to me

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In case you missed it, you can follow people across the Fediverse even if you're using a different kind of site.

For example, here's a PixelFed account:


...here's a PeerTube account...


...here's a WriteFreely account...


...here's a Plume account...


...here's a Friendica account...


...and you can follow all of them from Mastodon.

Just click on the @ link to see their profile, and then click on Follow.

#Fediverse #Federation

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is a tower defense factory .

In Mindustry you launch to an alien location where hostile robots attempt to destroy you and your core. You must defend this core by building walls, turrets, and other such buildings.

The catch is that these things require ammo, or cooling fluid. So you must construct a factory which produces those resources in order to defend your base.

Website 🔗: mindustrygame.github.io/

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As a fairly new user of mastodon and a one week member of this community I just want to say thank you guys for being just great! I am enjoying fosstodon too much!
Cheers 🐘🍻

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