Finally listened to @librelounge interview with @mntmn about the mnt reform. Great, got me hooked! We are definitely building momentum with more open machines, and we badly need more of them for sure

Does anyone use a open source alternative to ? Anything more recent than trac and redmine, those I know. I'm stuck with jira forever at work

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KDE just released new Slimbooks with Ryzen CPUs!

This is one sexy machine, I would actually consider getting... 😍

I just installed a caddy in my battle-tested Dell E6440 with another ssd in. I just realized (again) how these slightly older business laptops could be very modular in design: no screws required to remove battery and dvd player, two to remove the ssd, with more two you access memory, wifi and msata drive. That's amazing value. They could've been made of metal though

Went to an actual bookstore this week after an untold number of months. Like, the real deal, bricks-and-mortar deal. It was glorious!

Tried to buy an enthusiast sff case. Every friday more of them are available for preorder. I underestimated the "enthusiasm"- it was sold out in 2 minutes and I was left out!

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Pre-announcement: an exciting new thing will be released tomorrow morning!

The original unix beards weren't right all the time. But man, they were right many, many times! Maybe even most of the time

As I deepen my understanding of , is becoming even more interesting. I need to write an article about this one of these days.

@cwebber Guix is probably the closest we have now from that lisp machines of old.

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Elpher is the Emacs Gopher and Gemini mode. The git repo has a Gopher interface written in Chicken Scheme. I also learned that the author runs his own Mailserver he wrote in Scheme. I bow before such programming! 🙇

For people that tinker with . Have you tried ? It’s stable (I’ve been running a raid 0 for years now), contains most of the zfs desired features (like the awesome snapshots) and for people that use it locally, it’s probably a better fit. Also, it’s distributed alongside the Linux kernel using gpl, no need to do licensing acrobatics to use it. I’m sure zfs is awesome, but what it actually have that btrfs does not, for your use case?

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I strive to not write software which will knowingly be an unpleasant experience for someone and frankly I think that's a pretty fucking reasonable bar to reach

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A friendly reminder that the @peertube campaign is still running until complete.

If you want:
- better overall UX and global search
- better moderation tools
- plug-ins, playlists
- live streaming

please consider donating to the campaign. Each contribution matters, even the smallest ones.

Thanks for helping making the internet a better place!

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I just found out about Styx, which is a static site generator based on the nix package manager. Crazy how powerful the nix package manager is!

@utahcon @hrodnand @nicofee in the camp that try to maintain a small core you have the C language or maybe Go. For the ones the absorb everything and keep growing , you have the Swift language and even the Linux kernel itself. (This is starting to resemble those old debates about monolithic vs micro kernels ...)

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I will think more about that, @utahcon @hrodnand @nicofee. Trying to imagine use cases where you don’t know the specs. In my mind, this is different from “discovering” the right specs when your are dealing with a client. I mean, after the software is done and useful, how do you evolve it? You keep your core mostly intact (or evolve very carefully) and do complimentary, plugin-like new things, or just absorb everything new.

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Alas, I wonder if there is an alternative or some refinements to GPG and distribution. I should look into that

We should update the GPG distribution network with a service like that. Obviously using something non-proprietary

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