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I can't believe I've only just discovered

I was looking for an open hardware heart monitor and stubbled across this site . It's like my dream site .

For those interested

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I just learned on the radio that the city of Cologne is taking 360° photos of the city for administrative purposes (such as measuring the maximum passage height of streets).
I bet that most big cities do the same.
Wouldn't it make sense for @openstreetmap to ask them to make those photos available under a compatible license so they can be used in OSM?

@colomar One side note: I am, like many others here I believe, much interested in cryptography. That said, I found the "plasma vaults" a very interesting idea and I intend to test it with nextcloud. Anything that make cryptography easier for people not as technical as many of us here is welcome.

@colomar The machine, a 2011 latitude, isn't the least troubled. It's that wonderful feel of a new system. It's been a while since I used kde, and now I can say I am truly impressed. I must thank you and all devs in for the hard work and for giving the community such good software. Except for digikam, the other software were all new for me.

@colomar So, I gave a fair shot, and I'm running it for about two weeks now (on top of my beloved arch) and I'm loving it! I went for the "full" experience and I am using the most I can of kde and qt apps. I'm using kmail, the kde pim, kgpg, ktorrent, qtox, okular, digikam, a few system utilities and I even used (almost) only the gui to make my customizations, which I found super easy (like assigning ctrl to caps, you know, I'm a guy all around! )

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I created a GoFundMe for helping me to buy the computer at

It's for a Librem 15 version 4 (Only if I get enough funds otherwise, any other ideas are welcomed). Thanks.


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I've just signed a petition urging electronics manufacturers to make their devices easier to repair:

I think this is important for us tinkerers and gadget lovers. We want our gadgets to be more sustainable (or at least I do)!

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Exciting times! Yesterday there was a stunning 24 new apps added to #FDroid! Together with 33 updated existing apps.

#Fennec got a new icon (changed by #Mozilla).

@matrix's #Riot got a visual overhaul including a new icon!

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It's This Week in Matrix! news about the long-awaited new Riot release, announcing our #GSoC programme, SMSMatrix now available on F-Droid, Matrix Client for KDE Plasma Mobile and more!

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Turns out @AleixPol, vice president of KDE e.V. and maintainer of several KDE apps, most notably Plasma's software center Discover, is also here!
So 3/5 of the KDE e.V. Board are in Fosstodon, woot!

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I guess if you really want to see the face of surveillance capitalism, you should simple read the news from this week:

#Facebook as well as #Google pay users to give up their internet privacy completely. People route their entire web traffic through Facebook and Google and allow them to decrypt all connections.

Get away from those guys who think your life is worth around $20 per month when you give up everything…


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@kelbot have you looked into wallabag? it has similar functionality without the ebook as a predep - it has that as an option for export to your devices though, which makes it afantastic middle ware for archival.

MBR and UEFI are super painful! I’ll need a little more reading to get used to them.

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My second blog post about my attempts to learn scripting. I'm gradually getting used the basic syntax with it tests, command substitution, quotes and brackets. And I can make something actually useful, resizing a photo.

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@colomar I saw some videos and read a little about plasma nowadays and I must say I’m very impressed with how things evolved! Looks fantastic and I’ll definitely give it a try in this machine.

So, wanting to tap in the collective wisdom here again. Who is using desktop here? I’m preparing a new Arch Linux install in a secondary laptop, and I’m looking for a less spartan setup (so other non tech people can use), and I am considering kde. How is the memory consumption? How about the experience? It’s been a while since I used KDE.

@sir Read yesterday that you'll be working full time on free software projects, starting in February. Congrats!

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