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A win for #opensource in Canada.

* Favour open source solutions
* Favour non-prorietary solutions
* Source for custom-built solutions must be released under open source licenses through Government of Canada sites

See C.2.3.8 for the relevant clauses:

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ok, thanks to the official docs and a great link by @cwebber, is officially awesome. I'm totally hooked.

I cited as a example of to manage books (and collections in general). Any of you have a favorite “stuff manager” that you use often?

It seems that the interesting was abandoned in 2016, but one passionate user and developer copied the svn source, transformed to git and he is maintaining the software to this day. The old site works, he answers people on the forums and the software is in gitlab.

Another interesting fact about : although I’m using it for books only, if you read the Wikipedia article you’ll see that gcstar can handle a lot of other collections, like board games, comics, numismatic and you can even define your own collection. I’m not the kind that loves to catalog everything, but I’m delighted with the possibilities

The features that I’m using in are the search in amazon that autocompleted a book, and I’m using tags to designate the boxe that a specific book is in, and that’s it.

Just found another great piece of yesterday. I had to catalog a lot of . Usually, I would make a simple list using emacs, maybe code some automation myself and we’re good to go. But I’m lacking time, so I did a quick research for applications that manage books. I found the very interesting , that you can read more here and get the source here

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I used for just very basic todo stuff. Now I started to dig in and I’m becoming very surprised with what it can do and the amount of flexibility.

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Hi everyone, putting my cap out and asking for any support you can offer.

Last year I had a breakdown and although I've tried very hard to return to work since then I've not been able to for any length of time.

I'm now working on myself, and trying to build something that I can say I have accomplished for myself and at the same time do my best to help others.

If you're able to, support me financially at:

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Trying to connect to some blind linux users to talk about accessibility, please boost

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Ha-HA! Nobody expects the Comp-Sci inquisition!

Our secret weapon is functions. Everything can be reduced to functions. Functions and types. Functions, types and environments. And macros. And continuations. And abstract types...

Objects! Objects and classes. Objects, classes and a metaobject protocol. Or prototypes. Objects, prototypes, methods, messages...

Files! Files and folders. Files, folders and processes. And threads. And semaphores. A

I'll come in again.

And tail call elimination!

Hello my friends. I’m stuck with a though for days now. Anyone here uses a Sony Vaio P series with our awesome gnu+Linux? It’s a poor hardware (Atom) but I find it a beautiful machine and a interesting form factor. Could be an updated hardware in other company, of course. Maybe @kelbot knows anything?

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A shout out to /this corner of the fediverse for continuing to be amazing!

I really love that I can post about whatever nerdy topic I'm obsessed with today—whether that's , , best practices, or anything else—and get a ton of interesting, thoughtful replies.

Thanks, everyone!

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Youtubedl is truly awesome software

I plugged a link of a local tv station video in it, and it complained that it needed authentication arguments, and then I provided them and it just worked! Ubuntu seemed to be lagging behind I guess since it doesn't work on the apt version, but still

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