I'm making my way to find if there's some Dynamic EQ Plugin that supports Linux Like TDR Nova on Windows,but it seems that I failed...

I didn't know until now that exit the pacman process when inputing password is also seen as a password error 🤣
After I locked my screen and got shut out of the system...

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Happy Lunar New Year by the team! May all your dreams come true.

I really want to find an open source note-taking software that supports markdown and webDav synchronization on Android (used to use with VNote on my Linux device ), but I haven’t found it after looking for it for a long time. Any recommendations?

I don’t understand. Those who ignore the difference between mobile UX and desktop UX like Android x86 or Jing OS and hope to make the two ecologically common practices. Can this really succeed?

I watched the Framework Laptap and almost drooled, but I finally realized I couldn’t afford it 😭😭

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GitHub needs an:
"I hate this, never show me it again" button.


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