#darktable source code 3.4 was tagged today, that means the release is frozen entirely, code and translations, waiting for packagers to build the binaries in the next week. Then it shall be on time under the Christmas tree.

Happy holidays on behalf of all the darktable developers, contributors, translaters and testers !

Is there any interest in having a instance for speakers. It does'nt seem to exist. Any users would like that? I'm about to set it up but I wanted to confirm if there is an interest before. Expanding

Just installed a instance and published first post to expand a bit the and see how well they interact together. They seem to work great together!

There is one person trying to work full time on @darktable - @aurelienpierre - let's get his liberapay over $200/week!

We only need 17 people to pledge one euro/week to get there!


#LivingWage #FOSS #FullTimeDevs #photography #darktable #darktablefr

Okay who will be the first FOSS conference to stream via the newly updated #peertube ?!

We wanted alternatives, we supported it, now we need to use it.

Make your mark on history, I dare you;)

#streaming #foss #opensource #conference #activitypub #fediverse #alternatives


The only private data is that which is never collected.

Collected data is never private, only more or less protected.

Collected data is never anonymous, only more or less identifiable.

All data will be used for purposes other than that for which it was originally collected.


The total screening of all private online communications via GMail, Facebook Messenger etc. in the absence of any suspicion must come to an end! I have filed a #GDPR complaint with the data protection authority: patrick-breyer.de/?p=593426&la #SaveYourInternet

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is a hidden torrenting system.

Tribler is a hidden -like onion network for securely torrenting. Normal torrents can be bounced around the network for fast and secure downloads. Tribler also provides a discovery network and method to host torrents in an anonymous hidden service like manner. The amount of bounces can be configured for speed or .

Website 🔗️: tribler.org/

#darktable 3.4 will let you define exports size directly in pixels (as in 3.2 and before) but also from the physical printing size × printing DPI.

Long-asked feature…

Hands down the best example of what #peertube can become:)

If you haven't discovered it yet, visit tilvids.com, an edutainment peertube instance which also includes exclusive content not available on YT;)



#tilvid.com #privacy #education #notforsale #smartyflix

The new rockstars of free software deserve recognition, which is why we created the Award for Outstanding New Free Software Contributor, won this year by Clarissa Lima Borges. Nominate your inspirations at u.fsf.org/357!

I just canceled my paid subscription, and made an annual to the for a similar amount. I now have two months to make my 40.000 migration. It' feels great supporting a project that is not only but also far superior than the closed alternative.

PeerTube needs about 13k more to reach that €60,000 / Live streaming feature!

A free as in freedom decentralized video sharing and soon possibly even streaming platform.

The fine developers of Framasoft have a roadmap for version 3.0 of PeerTube.

It includes all the things one needs to ditch Youtube!

Read about it via link & please support if able. We are almost there.

==> joinpeertube.org/roadmap
#framasoft #peertube #stream #p2p #youtube #deletegoogle #libre @Framasoft #deleteYouTube

4,190,903 accounts
+46 in the last hour
+952 in the last day
+6,774 in the last week

📈 The new social web has reached its next milestone: For the first time, the #Fediverse has over 4,000,000 users! 📈

Today, the counter at the-federation.info/ shows 4,003,742 users in the Fediverse, out of which 2,761,886 users are on #Mastodon, 762,367 on #diaspora, and 249,904 on #Prosody. Fast growing projects are #Peertube (69,954) that more than tripled and #Pixelfed (25,206) that almost doubled the number of users in the last year.

#matrix #pleroma #writefreely #friendica #wordpress +

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